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Over packaging: Rethinking after 20 years (II)

1 Mid Autumn Festival is a traditional festival in China. It is a good time to comfort customers and strengthen emotional ties with customers. The way of doing business is the way of doing people. Respecting customers is also reflected in our thinking that customers are still widely used in scientific research experiments and quality inspection projects. We can use moon cakes to convey this kind of friendship message

2. Before the opening of our company, we formulated the "code of integrity", which stipulates that gifts and gifts received from customers should be based on the principle of not affecting the fairness of transactions and not causing psychological burden to each other

3 now let's introduce the relevant details to you by Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd Not buying luxury moon cake gift boxes means that we do not want to contribute to this irrational over packaging trend that wastes natural resources

4. Save expenses and reduce costs. The management of enterprises must be careful, and what should be spent must be spent; Spend less if you can spend more; Don't spend what you can spend

But it's enough to be gratified

some colleagues have also raised concerns that we can't sell simple moon cakes, for fear that customers think we are stingy. I said to my colleagues: as long as we think it is right to do so, we are not afraid of others to say that everyone will have different views on the same issue from different perspectives. We can only adhere to what we think is right

some people do have different views. After the Mid Autumn Festival, the sales manager said to me, "a customer said that the moon cakes president Zhang gave me were only dozens of yuan a box, which was too much." After hearing this, I didn't think so. The implication was very clear to me: as the general manager of a printing company, I should be generous. As a major customer, I feel ashamed of the moon cakes that charge dozens of yuan a box. The core of the problem is a "face" problem

wanting face, loving face and giving face have long been a chronic disease in social interpersonal communication in China. People often compare left and right. When they get less than others or feel that they are not up to standard, they will feel disgraced and disgraced. This is a very harmful traditional habit. In order to support this "face" in society, Chinese people need to spend huge human, financial and material resources, and need huge resources to be useless. This "face" has caused a heavy burden on Chinese society

I believe that a stable society that can develop sustainably requires a peaceful and prudent national mentality, simple and plain daily life, sincere and practical exchanges, and standardized and orderly business operations. Although we are all ordinary printing managers and ordinary citizens, we should also start from me. This is the feeling caused by my thinking about excessive packaging in 20 years

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