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Nylon will also stage a "rising relay race"

I. The CPL market is strong

1. CPL RMB spot market

this week (5..7), the supply of caprolactam in the RMB spot market is relatively small, market participants are optimistic about the future market, and traders are generally reluctant to sell for rise. From the curve comparison and analysis chart of the above example, we can see that the market showed an upward trend in a week. Since the opening of the market at the beginning of the week with yuan/ton, the price has increased by about 300 yuan/ton, and the quotation is yuan/ton on Friday. From the specific analysis of the trend of the week

on Monday (5.3), due to the "May Day" holiday, the market showed a stable trend. On Tuesday (5.4), after the holiday, the caprolactam spot market made sporadic offers, and the highest price remained stable at about 23500 yuan/ton. The intention of downstream buyers to receive goods rose by 200 yuan/ton to about 23000 yuan/ton. The market supply was difficult to find, and the overall transaction was light. On Wednesday (5.5), the holders were reluctant to sell and waited for an increase. A small number of quoted prices remained at about yuan/ton. The actual transaction price of downstream buyers was stable at about 23000 yuan/ton, and most small and medium-sized orders were traded above this price. On Thursday (5.6), the owner held the offer and was reluctant to sell. The market quotation was scarce, and the sales profit margin increased from 5.2% in 2013 to 6.5% in 2017. The offer price was about 23500 yuan/ton, and the downstream takeover price was about 23200 yuan/ton. The actual negotiated transaction price rose to yuan/ton, and the market supply was still small. On Friday (5.7), the market stabilized, the offer price was stable at about 23500 yuan/ton, the price of downstream buyers was around yuan/ton, and the actual negotiation price was yuan/ton. The market trading atmosphere was flat, and the actual negotiation was not much

2. The US dollar external market quotation

on Monday, the US dollar external market quotation was stable and maintained at the pre holiday price position. The seller offered to US dollars/ton, the market negotiation price was held at US $2700/ton, the actual transaction price was maintained at US $per ton, and the market quotation was basically stable. On Tuesday, the market price rose. The offer price of the seller rose US $per ton to US $per ton. The market negotiation price rose about US $30 per ton to US $per ton. The actual transaction price of the market rose to US $per ton, up US $50 per ton. The trading was slightly light. On Wednesday, the market began to be stable. The offer price of the seller remained stable at USD/ton, the market negotiation price remained at USD/ton, and the actual transaction price of the market was stable at USD/ton. The market atmosphere was good. Until the weekend, the price of the outer market was stable

3. Caprolactam plant dynamics

at the beginning of the week, the caprolactam plant quotation rose together, Shijiazhuang refining and chemical factory quotation rose by 400 yuan/ton to 22600 yuan/ton, Yingshan contract quotation rose by 400 yuan/ton to 22600 yuan/ton, Nanjing Dongfang quotation rose by 600 yuan/ton to 23000 yuan/ton, Nanjing Dongfang device with a capacity of 200000 tons/year started smoothly, and the daily output was about tons. The device is scheduled to start shutdown and maintenance on July 5, The overhaul is expected to last for 3 weeks. The listing price of Sinopec CPL in May was 22600 yuan/ton, and the acceptance was self withdrawal. This week, the factory quotation was relatively stable, and the price did not continue to rise under the cost pressure

II. The market of nylon chips rose

1. The market of nylon chips was strong

after the festival, the market of nylon chips continued to rise straightly due to the strong impact of the soaring price of caprolactam, the upstream raw material. From the above curve analysis and comparison chart, it is obvious that the prices of conventional spinning and high-speed spinning have increased from 24200 yuan/ton and 24400 yuan/ton to 25200 yuan/ton and 25400 yuan/ton, respectively. The prices remain strong, and there is still room for prices to rise

on Monday, affected by the holiday atmosphere, the nylon chip market maintained the price trend at the end of last month, and the quotations of conventional spinning and high-speed spinning remained at 24600 yuan/ton and 24800 yuan/ton. On Tuesday, the market began to show an upward trend. Both conventional spinning and high-speed spinning continued to rise by 100 yuan/ton, and the market quotation rose to 24700 yuan/ton and 24900 yuan/ton from 24600 yuan/ton and 24800 yuan/ton last week. On Wednesday, the market continued to rise. Supported by the price of upstream raw materials, the conventional spinning and high-speed spinning in the nylon chip market continued to rise by 100 yuan/ton to 24800 yuan/ton and 25000 yuan/ton respectively. On Thursday, conventional spinning and high-speed spinning continued to rise under the pressure of upstream raw material prices, rising again by 200 yuan/ton to 25000 yuan/ton and 25200 yuan/ton respectively. On Friday, nylon chip conventional spinning and high-speed spinning continued to rise by 200 yuan/ton to 25200 yuan/ton and 25400 yuan/ton respectively

2. factory market dynamics

at the beginning of this week, the quotation of high-speed spinning factories in Jiangsu and Zhejiang regions was stable, and there were few active offers in Zhejiang region, the market inquiry was ok, and the buying gas was general. The quotation of conventional textile baling increased by 300 yuan/ton to 24200 yuan/ton; The average quotation of small factories in the market of Jiangsu and Zhejiang is yuan/ton, and the high-end quotation of large factories is yuan/ton. The market is mainly stable. The market quotation of conventional textile in East China is yuan/ton; The quotation of conventional spinning chips of factories in Central China was increased by 200 yuan/ton to 24200 yuan/ton; The quotation of conventional textile market in North China remained stable at yuan/ton last week; The quotation of slicing in Hebei was raised to 24300 yuan/ton. The factory reported that the sales situation was OK

near the weekend, the ex factory price of Zhejiang factory increased significantly. The quotation of Zhejiang Huajian factory increased by 1300 yuan/ton to 25800 yuan/ton, the quotation of Ningbo Hengrun market increased by 1000 yuan/ton to 25500 yuan/ton, and the quotation of Xiaoshan factory increased by 500 yuan/ton to 25500 yuan/ton. The quotation of Yueyang Petrochemical high-speed spinning semi gloss increased by 700 yuan/ton from 24500 yuan to 25200 yuan/ton. The price in Wuxi was yuan/ton. The small factory in Jiangsu said yuan/ton. The market price of high-speed spinning in the East China market was 24800-25800 yuan/ton. It was accepted and delivered. The central China production said that it had left the factory at yuan/ton. The market sales were general, and the overall price was positive. Shandong production is slightly lower, which means that it will be delivered at about 24800 yuan/ton. In terms of conventional spinning, the quotation in Wuxi is yuan/ton, and the prices of manufacturers are mostly firm. Baling offers 24300 yuan/ton. The market price of conventional textile in East China market is 24500-24800 yuan/ton, the factory in Central China is accepted at 24300-24600 yuan/ton, and the quotation in North China market is yuan/ton. The customer negotiated to 24000-24100 yuan/ton for cash settlement, and the manufacturer said that the sale was average

III The nylon filament market is stable

from the perspective of the nylon filament market, the intention of mainstream manufacturers to raise prices increased after the festival, and the downstream market's purchase of nylon can still make the nylon filament rise significantly. The strong impact of raw material prices and the manufacturer's cost pressure continue to increase, making it still require a gradual increase in product prices. The market quotation of mainstream semi gloss fdy70d/24f is yuan/ton, and the price is actively promoted. The quotation of 70d/24f with high-end and large ammunition in large factories is yuan/ton. The downstream market demand is relatively general, and high-level transactions indicate that there is not much. The market price of dty70d/24f in middle-end factories has moved up to yuan/ton, and the market price of low-quality and small ammunition has remained at about 27500 yuan/ton. However, due to the impact of raw material prices and the small stock in the factory's own warehouse, it is inevitable for manufacturers to raise prices. Poy85d/24 the low-end goods of small factories in Jiangsu are reported to 26000 yuan/ton, and the market price of large factories in the middle is more than 26500 yuan/ton; The market price of poy85d/48 is higher than RMB/ton. On the whole, the downstream trading is still stable, and the cost pressure makes the manufacturers actively raise prices

by the end of the week, the quotation of nylon filament semi gloss fdy70d/24 in East China market was 28000-28200 yuan/ton, and the high quotation was 28300-2. Looking at the following introduction, we will know a lot of 8500 yuan/ton. Most of the manufacturers' prices maintained a small increase or firmness, mainly due to the high slicing price. The middle-end nylon dty7 in the East China market increased the delivery speed of components by 0d/24, and the market price increased slightly by 300 yuan/ton to 29800-30300 yuan, reducing the supply of low-cost goods, while the high-end factory said it had reported 31000 yuan/ton after the festival; The manufacturer said that the actual transaction price was about 30500 yuan/ton, and the manufacturer said that the downstream procurement followed up slightly smoothly. The market quotation of high-end nylon poy85d/24 in East China market is 27500 yuan/ton, while that of middle-end large manufacturers is raised to 27000 yuan/ton, and 500 yuan/ton within a week. The downstream trading is stable. The manufacturer said that the cost side is high, and the operating pressure is still high. UL tested two groups of samples with flammability of V-0 (1.6 mm) and the benefit is not high. The quotation of low-end nylon poy85d/24 in Jiangsu market is 26200-26300 yuan/ton, which remains a small increase of yuan after the May Day holiday, and the market price of small textured 70D is more than 28000 yuan/ton. The construction after the holiday is OK, and the downstream follows up slightly

IV. the downstream fabric market is booming

from the perspective of the downstream fabric market, the demand of the fabric market in spring and summer is increasing. Chunya textile, Taslon, Oxford cloth, imitation memory cloth and polyester taffeta printed fabrics continue to be shipped out, which makes the overall sales trend continue to rise. Nylon polyester interwoven products waterproof fine lattice polyester brocade cotton sell well, and the current market wholesale price is about 18.6 yuan per meter; Jacquard colored silk, brocade and cotton fabrics, now the wholesale price in the market is about 18 yuan per meter. As the superior product quality of nylon polyester fabric has attracted merchants from all over the world, the supply of individual varieties in the fabric market has become relatively tight since April. For example, twill nylon polyester textile and other fabrics interwoven with nylon polyester have been sought after by buyers from all over the market, and the purchase is active, which makes the manufacturer's production and sales booming. Although the price of raw materials has soared, it has not been highlighted in terms of price, but a slight increase will not affect its sales. In addition, the sales volume of nylon polyester mousse peach skin fabric series began to shrink. The sales trend of air-jet fabrics is obviously better than that of water jet fabrics, and the product added value is high, and the production profit margin is relatively ideal, especially the orders of some high-end cotton containing fabrics are gradually increasing. The overall fabric market is full of confidence in the short-term market of summer fabric market. It is expected that with the rise of temperature, the sales of summer clothing fabrics will have a small amplification trend, but the space for product prices to rise is limited

v. outlook

the inventory of nylon raw material caprolactam holders is significantly tight, and the scarce supply has caused the reluctant selling mentality of the holders to remain unchanged, and the psychology of hoarding goods to continue to raise prices is obvious. It is expected that the caprolactam market will continue to be stable and rising next week. The rise of raw materials will inevitably affect the nylon chip market, and the price pressure will continue to increase, which is bound to make the chip market price continue to rise. The nylon silk market trading remained stable as a whole, and the trading volume was relatively stable. The sales volume of nylon silk varieties also increased. It is still difficult to significantly increase the shipments of other varieties. It is estimated that the future price of nylon silk will remain stable as a whole. The downstream fabric will continue to maintain a stable trend, and its price may have room to rise in the upstream, and the sales volume will continue to rise

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