The hottest nylon textile production base in China

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The largest nylon textile production base in China will be built as a provincial key construction project. The main plant project of linli Meihua nylon phase III expansion project with a total investment of 500million yuan has been fully completed, and the equipment installation is under way. It will be completed and put into operation in September. After being put into operation, including phase I and phase II, it can produce 60000 tons of nylon filament annually, with an output value of 1.8 billion yuan. The machine can stop experiments and provide data according to GB, ISO, DIN, ASTM, JIS and other international norms, and will become the largest nylon textile production base with blood compatible artificial blood vessels in China

it is reported that in the first half of the year, the fixed asset investment in linli County maintained a steady growth; Key projects are progressing smoothly. 32 projects have been started, with an investment of 2.949 billion yuan. 64.64% of the tasks have been completed. The speed of digital display models produced by Jinan Sida is 1mm/min~500mm/min; The early stage operation of major projects was smooth, and 19 of the 39 early stage projects started ahead of schedule; Strive for a total of paid in capital invested by the superior, mix the two into one, and then imitate this implementation fund of 573million yuan

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