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The third stop of Shantui's "customer care trip" went into Changsha, Hunan Province. The third stop of Shantui's "customer care trip" went into Changsha, Hunan Province. China Construction machinery information helped sales in the peak season, listened to the voice of users, and combined with the spirit of the joint-stock company's "rolling up the sleeves for 100 days", in 2017, Shantui's "starting from the heart and achieving value" customer care trip kicked off in Xiaoxiang

the third stop of Shantui's "customer care trip" entered Changsha, Hunan on April 7, the launching ceremony of "starting from the heart, achieving value" customer care activity in Hunan was held in Jinshan Tui, Hunan. The sales manager, service manager and Shantui Office of Hunan Jinshan Tui attended the launching ceremony and presented the flag

this visit will pay a caring visit to 28 customers in Hunan. It is expected that within one month, during the visit, the equipment used by users will be overhauled, users will be guided to carry out correct maintenance and use, and the new concept of "starting from the heart, achieving value" will be publicized to users, so as to narrow the relationship between manufacturers and users, so that users can truly feel the care of Shantui

Shantui service personnel check the equipment for customers

universal testing machine is mainly used for tensile, contraction, zigzag, shear, puncture, yield, elastic modulus and other mechanical properties of materials, metal materials, non-metal materials and products. After the end of the formula, the group focused on economic development and improving people's livelihood visited an investment company in Changsha, whose business covers road construction and real estate development, It has a high reputation in Hunan industry. At present, the customer has 6 sets of Shantui bulldozers. Recently, one sd22 engine has a little fault. After coordinating and communicating with the engine factory, Hunan Jinshan Tui service department quickly solved the problem and eliminated the user complaints

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after the visit, the user gave high praise to the high-quality service of Hunan Jinshan push, and signed a long-term cooperative supply contract and a butler service contract. 10. Constant force, constant deformation and constant displacement control accuracy: when the set value is 10%fs,

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