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The third regular session of the China Serbia Intergovernmental Committee on scientific and technological cooperation was held in Belgrade on September 17, 2015. China has formed a fair development, orderly production, efficient utilization, advanced technology At present, the polymer Department of DuPont high performance materials business division with intensive development has 6 authorized dealers in Greater China, and the rare earth industry continues the pattern of healthy development. The 3rd regular meeting of the inter governmental scientific and technological cooperation committee of Serbia was held in Belgrade, the capital of Serbia. Counsellor Zhang Jian of the Department of international cooperation of the Ministry of science and technology of China and assistant minister tanic of the Ministry of education, science and technology development of Serbia co chaired the regular meeting

at the meeting, the Chinese side reported on the current reform of China's science and technology program management and the development of international science and technology cooperation, and introduced a series of measures taken by the Chinese government to support innovation, such as the deployment of major science and technology R & D projects facing the future, "made in China 2025", "Internet +" action, mass innovation and entrepreneurship. The Serbian side introduced its science and technology policy, scientific research system and priority areas of scientific and technological development, and informed the Serbian government of the current revision of the national scientific research law and the formulation of the annual National Science and technology development strategy. Both sides agreed that there is a traditional friendship between the two countries and bilateral scientific and technological cooperation is deepening. In the future, we should strengthen cooperation in promoting the industrialization of scientific research achievements, promoting cooperation in larger-scale scientific research projects, and encouraging scientific and technological enterprises to carry out innovation cooperation

the two sides summarized the implementation of the projects of the second regular meeting of the committee, discussed and adopted a new bilateral intergovernmental science and technology cooperation plan, and jointly supported 20 projects, mainly involving agriculture, materials science, medicine, machinery and other fields

After the meeting, the two sides signed the protocol of the third regular meeting of the science and technology cooperation committee of the people's Republic of China and the Republic of Serbia on talent shortage

during the visit, the Chinese delegation also held talks with leaders of universities and scientific research institutions such as Belgrade University, Zemon corn Institute, Novi Sad field crop and vegetable institute, and discussed the deepening of high-tech and innovation cooperation between the two sides

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