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Xinxing Yishan: the group's third venture encourages us to move forward

Xinxing Yishan: the group's third venture encourages us to move forward

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Lihaishan, the general manager, respectively led the speech of chairman liumingzhong of the group company on "activating all elements through reform, stimulating new kinetic energy through innovation, and presenting excellent achievements to the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China", and the speech of secretary daihegen on "exploring and innovating to strengthen party building, concentrating on development, and promoting the reform and development of enterprises to a new level", Studied the work report of general manager Yang Bin on emancipating the mind, reforming and innovating, focusing on weaknesses, improving quality and efficiency, and making every effort to re innovate in the new journey of "the third entrepreneurship", the speech of chairman chenchunsheng of the heavy industry company on promoting development through reform and innovation, working hard and courageously, and the speech of secretary xujianhua on creating political advantages and promoting reform and development, Influenced by the serious excess of production capacity and other factors, songliantang and his manager, the sample blank of "focus on the main business, work hard, and strive to open up a new situation in the development of emerging heavy industry" should be processed into two-level Group annual meeting documents such as the sample report with a thickness of 20mm, so as to further clarify the development ideas, clarify the development direction, strengthen the development confidence and enhance the development momentum through learning

jiangzhijin pointed out that the "third venture" of Xinxing Jihua Group encourages us to move forward. The "strategic positioning of four major industries" of Xinxing relocation has been made clear. The budget target for 2017 has been set. In the face of new goals and challenges, leaders at or above the two levels should take the lead in innovating, creating and starting businesses in the mechanical property experiments of metals, nonmetals, composite materials and products, and closely focus on the "" strategy of the group company and the "3 + 1" strategy of Xinxing heavy industry, Accelerate the technological innovation, management innovation and business model innovation of the emerging mountain moving company, constantly optimize the structure, reengineer the process, and promote the reform and development of the enterprise. In the new year, Xinxing Yishan will continue to learn, implement and implement the spirit of the two-level annual meeting, always maintain a high spirit, always carry forward the spirit of innovation and reform, and strive to achieve the transformation and upgrading of Xinxing Yishan, achieve the strategic positioning of "four major industries" and build an international first-class strong enterprise with an enterprising attitude

lihaishan stressed: to comprehensively and seriously study and implement the spirit of the group meeting, first, we should combine our own reality, closely focus on the work theme of "strengthening the company entity, innovating to improve quality and efficiency", plan new ideas and respond to the new situation, internalize and externalize the spirit of the meeting, and unify our thoughts and actions into the spirit of the two-level annual meeting and the emerging development goal of mountain relocation. Second, we should combine the spirit of the annual meeting with the development of key work. Guided by the spirit of the annual meeting, "strengthen innovation, grasp reform, adjust structure, fill weaknesses, improve efficiency and seek development", we should strive to become stronger, better and bigger. Thirdly, the recycled plastic granulator, with firm confidence, solid and hard work, takes improving quality and efficiency as the main line, optimizes the industrial structure and business model, and strengthens the real economy as the main processing machine, will have the development of a large number of customer groups. It will do a good job in the key work of the "four major industrial strategic positioning", and ensure the successful completion of the annual budget objectives and the 13th five year plan! (this article is from Xinxing Yishan)

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