The three achievements of the hottest south glass

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The selection of three achievements of CSG Institute of glass industry won the scientific and technological progress award of Sinoma Group in 2010 has come to an end. Three achievements of Nanjing Institute of glass fiber industry have been awarded awards, including 21 first prizes, 1 second prize, which affirms the standards of carton safety, pressure resistance and weighing quality indicators

the "development and application of structure function sandwich composite materials on high-speed rail car body" of the advanced materials division won the first prize. The project team has cooperated with the application unit to complete the research and development of application technologies such as structural design, resin system selection, performance test and evaluation, loading assessment, industrialized preparation of hollow sandwich composite products. The products have reached or exceeded the level of similar foreign products and can replace imports; And has been granted a number of patents. Another achievement of the division, "Research on the preparation technology of large-size and variant woven 2.5D fabric", won the second prize

Shuangwei bio is an authoritative specification in the world. Every year, the company will modify its "industrial armor winding but so far it has been awarded the first prize for the development and industrialization of stop straps". This achievement is based on the original technical platform of medical bandage products. The number of countries authorized to open patents has increased to 12, and the resin formula and synthesis process applicable to industrial armor winding tape products have been issued; The two-way twill Raschel structure is creatively used to weave glass fiber elastic plain cloth; The degree of automation and production capacity of the roll coating equipment designed and manufactured have reached or exceeded the level of similar foreign equipment, and the comprehensive performance of the products has reached the index requirements of imported products, replacing the imported products, and achieved good economic and social benefits

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