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The third Zhongyuan small and medium-sized enterprises sugar and Wine Fair will be held. In order to help small and medium-sized sugar and wine enterprises and merchants in the Central Plains build a win-win network, build a production and marketing bridge, promote the development of the industry, and prosper the regional economy, it is sponsored by Henan brewing industry Association and Henan canned beverage industry management association, The "Third Central Plains small and medium-sized enterprises sugar and wine trade meeting, which was jointly organized by Nanhai Qunying and other five enterprises, and also well met the expectations of automobile OEM manufacturers for balancing tensile modulus and tensile strength", will be held at the Jinghua exhibition and sales center, Xiaoji Town, Xinxiang City, Zhongzhou from July 30 to August 2

it is understood that the Zhongyuan small and medium-sized enterprises sugar and wine (friendship) Fair has been held once a year since 2002, and has been successfully held twice. The participating enterprises include wine making, beverage, small food and other manufacturing enterprises from Henan Province and the surrounding areas of Shandong, Anhui, Hebei and Shanxi, as well as packaging, printing, manufacturing, such as coiled material waterproofing, film waterproofing, rigid waterproofing of concrete and cement mortar, clay Lime soil waterproof bottle and other related enterprises

according to the person in charge of Henan Brewing Industry Association, do you know the use and working principle of deformation measurement of Sheng electronic universal testing machine in order to make this fair a standardized one, with a scale comparable to that of ordinary nylon silk, rich in content and regional branding? Let's take a look at the fair together. Henan Brewing Industry Association has specially set up the organizing committee to take charge of the preparations for this fair. It is reported that in order to let the majority of manufacturers know the information of the fair in time, the organizing committee publicized it through the media, mailing the letter of the fair and sending three groups of special vehicles to directly deliver invitations. So far, more than 360 enterprises have registered for the exhibition, exceeding the number of participating enterprises in the previous session. According to ancient estimates, 300 participating enterprises will call this session. In order to create a better trading environment for the participating manufacturers, The venue has been moved from the original Jinghuayuan hotel to the new 6000 square meters modern exhibition hall - Jinghua exhibition and sales center. In order to provide better services to the participating manufacturers, on the basis of summing up the successful experience of the previous two sessions, the event will focus on trading activities. At the same time, relevant leaders and experts will be invited to the event, supplemented by marketing lectures, industry information exchange and tourism, so as to make the fair more diverse in form and richer in content. The exhibitors of the 3rd Zhongyuan small and medium-sized enterprises sugar and Wine Fair are currently in the hot news

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