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Expert tips: teach you to choose healthy and environmental protection overall cabinets correctly

with the increasing improvement of living standards and housing conditions, people have higher and higher requirements for home decoration, especially kitchen space. Therefore, the kitchen cabinet industry in China has developed rapidly and gradually matured and expanded. According to the latest statistics of the development research center of the State Council, among about 100million urban households in China, the ownership rate of the overall cabinet is only 6.8%, far lower than the level of developed countries. In recent years, the sales volume of cabinets in China has increased at an average rate of 35% per year. It is estimated that the total capacity of cabinets in the domestic market will reach 29million sets in the next five years, with an average of 5.8 million sets per year. At present, there are more than 40 million potential customers of the overall cabinet, and the turnover will reach more than 500 billion yuan

developing healthy, safe, energy-saving and environmental friendly green kitchens has become an important task in the field of urban and rural construction in China in the future to improve the living quality of urban housing, and it is also the requirement of the national macro policy. Vigorously developing green kitchens is to solve the problems existing in kitchens at present and improve people's quality of life. It is the most direct and concrete foothold of building a harmonious society, and it is also the inevitable trend of the development of China's kitchen cabinet industry

as an emerging industry in China, the kitchen cabinet industry has serious market irregularities. These non-standard behaviors not only infringe on the interests of consumers, damage the image of the industry, but also affect the normal order of the market and the healthy development of the kitchen cabinet industry. Generally speaking, there are three main problems:

first, a large number of unqualified workshop products impact the market, and the use of fake and inferior products and underground processing infringe on the rights and interests of consumers. Such products often have low prices, rough processing, materials that fail to meet industry standards, lack of advanced production equipment, short service life, poor environmental protection performance, and the rights and interests of consumers cannot be guaranteed

second, the standardization of the industry is poor, and there is still a lack of uniformity in product prices, product standards, installation standards and service standards. All brands carry out production, brand promotion, product sales and service guarantee according to their own understanding, causing consumers to be at a loss and unable to make effective judgments. Therefore, all kinds of customer fraud occur from time to time in the market, and even some consumers are unable to make effective judgments even if they are cheated, resulting in serious violations of consumers' rights and interests

third, in order to comply with the trend of green and environmental protection, most businesses choose to promote their cabinets in green and environmental protection. However, some manufacturers cut corners on work and materials, reduce configuration, and produce products that do not meet environmental standards

these problems in the market undoubtedly infringe upon the legitimate rights and interests of consumers and bring harm to the personal and property safety of consumers. In this regard, the China Consumers' Association specially reminds consumers to pay attention to the following problems when purchasing cabinets:

first, see clearly the environmental protection indicators

now consumers pay most attention to environmental protection indicators when purchasing products. Many cabinet merchants will stick "E0", "E1" and other signs on prominent positions of their products. This is a sign that shows which national standard the formaldehyde emission of products reaches. "E1" and "E0" standards are divided by European countries according to the content of free formaldehyde in wood-based panels, and they are also the standards used in the production of man-made panels in China's household industry, that is, E1 stipulates that the content of free formaldehyde is ≤ 9mg/100g; E0 level specifies that the content of free formaldehyde is ≤ 3mg/100g

the current maximum limit standard for formaldehyde in furniture, flooring and other wood products in China is "E1", the national standard of cabinet products is "E2", and some medium and high-end products are "E1". Because it does not contain green moisture-proof agent and adhesive, it is prone to moisture and fracture. "E0" grade plate is not suitable for making cabinets in a humid environment, which needs to be seen clearly

second, we should guard against material traps

many consumers look at cabinets, in fact, they look at cabinet doors. The dealer's opening is crystal board, paint board or solid wood board, and some consumers simply can't distinguish these products. The paint baking board is characterized by bright color, easy modeling, good waterproof performance, stain resistance and scratch resistance, but the price is also high. The cabinets with crystal door panels are generally three-dimensional in shape and exquisite in appearance. The door panels made of this material are affordable, beautiful and durable

compared with the door panel, the box panel that consumers generally pay little attention to is actually more important. The box board bears the functions of waterproof, mildew proof and load-bearing, but it is generally not valued by us because it is hidden in the door board. Some dealers often offer the so-called "preferential price" and "preferential price" with high-priced door panels and cheap box panels. In fact, these inferior box panels often get soaked and moldy in a short time. Consumers must see whether the material of the box panel is the same as that of the door panel

in addition to the cabinet door panel, the table top is the most versatile. Take the most popular "acrylic" artificial stone countertop as an example. In the market, you can buy it from 500 yuan to 3000 yuan per square meter. However, consumers had better not buy the cheapest artificial stone, because it is mostly made of inferior resin and calcium carbonate, which is not only poor in smoothness and wear resistance, but also may contain substances harmful to human body

III. correctly choose environmentally friendly cabinets

consumers can measure whether cabinets are environmentally friendly through the following three points: first, require manufacturers to issue certificates of relevant environmental protection materials, use authorizations or authoritative department inspection reports; Secondly, check the product processing technology, such as whether the door panel is sealed tightly, whether the back panel is processed with double decorations, and whether the system hole is plugged with rubber; Third, look at how businesses make commitments. At present, famous brands in the industry have widely used plates that meet the E1 level environmental protection standard




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