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At present, wooden decorative materials commonly seen in the market are mainly various wood-based panels, artificial decorative panels, assembly and wood flooring

(I) wood based panels are made of wood, wood fibers, wood debris or other plant fibers, plus adhesives and other additives. The main varieties of wood-based panels are veneer, plywood, blockboard, fiberboard and particleboard

plywood: plywood is glued by more than three layers of veneers, which is divided into two types: hardwood plywood and coniferous plywood

fiberboard: fiberboard is a man-made board made of wood, bamboo or other plant fibers such as crop stems. According to different properties, fiberboard can be divided into hard fiberboard, semi-rigid fiberboard and soft fiberboard

particleboard: particleboard, also known as particleboard, is a general term for thin boards made of wood chips as the main raw material and pressed with gluing materials and additives. According to the pressing method, it can be divided into extruded particleboard and flat pressed particleboard

Blockboard: the core board is spliced with wood, and the two surfaces are solid boards with glued wooden veneers, commonly known as large core board

chipboard: it is made of wood processing edges and corners as surplus materials, which are chopped, dried, glued and hot pressed

wood wool board: also known as Wanli board, it is formed by using the leftover of wood, planing poplar wool by machine, soaking it in chemical solution, then mixing it with cement, molding, pressing, solidification and drying

(II) artificial decorative panels include decorative veneer panels and large paint architectural decorative panels. Decorative veneer is a new type of advanced decorative material. It is made of precious tree species, such as teak, Fraxinus mandshurica, willow and other thin wood chips cut by precision planing, plywood as the substrate, and advanced adhesives and adhesive technology

lacquer architectural decorative board is one of the unique decorative boards in China. It is made of China's unique lacquer painted on various wood bases

(III) the assembled wood floor is a strip-shaped small board processed from fine wood such as Fraxinus mandshurica, oak, walnut and teak after drying. After being assembled, they can form beautiful and elegant patterns

(IV) wood lines are made of wood plants with hard quality, fine wood, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, non cleavage, good cutting light processing property, good paint and coloring, good adhesion, and strong nailing force, which are processed mechanically or manually after drying. Wood lines include ceiling line and ceiling corner line





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