Classic rural style decoration model room

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The living room is the most charming place in the home. How can we make it more energetic? Try to decorate the living room in an idyllic style, which will be perfectly combined with nature. Life home recommends you a set of classic rural style decoration models, where you can feel the warm wind blowing your face

the living room is the most dynamic place in the whole house, with not only classical furniture, but also pastoral decoration. The hanging platform and the interconnected restaurant perfectly combine the changes of space with various decorations

the kitchen uses a light color design to make the space of the whole home more layered

after determining the space tone, the furniture color should also be carefully considered

the color tone of the bathroom is quite simple, with beige and light brown as the main body, dotted with green and red sporadically, while the quiet and peaceful texture of the space is presented by those furniture full of exquisite details.

the bedroom furniture still chooses the beautifully carved American furniture. Against the backdrop of Pink Bedding, the space is both classicism and idyllic style. What has the most sense of design is the green bed curtain with pink edges on the bed, which echoes the overall style





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