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For consumers, acceptance is a problem that must be paid attention to. However, consumers do not have enough professional knowledge about where to start acceptance and what aspects to look at during acceptance. Many times, after staying for a period of time, problems appear, and then go to find remedies, which adds a lot of trouble to life

◆ the waterway must be tested for pressure

after the waterway reconstruction, ask the construction party for the waterway map. On the one hand, you can clearly see the direction of the waterway, including the different directions of cold and hot water, on the other hand, it is also for the convenience of future maintenance. To check the waterway, you can first observe the water outlet of the cold and hot water pipe, which is generally hot on the left and cool on the right, with a middle distance of about 15 cm

in addition, the most important thing for waterway acceptance is to do a pressure test. The pressure test is to simulate the impact of water pressure on water pipes and other materials during normal use, so as to test the performance of water pipes and the tightness of installation. It is better for consumers to conduct on-site experiments with construction personnel. After pressurizing 10 kg, they should check whether all pipes, valves and joints have water seepage and leakage. If there is a problem, they should repair it immediately. It is suggested that the test time should not be less than 15 minutes, and should be extended to half an hour or even one hour if conditions permit

◆ the ground wire of the circuit should not be sloppy

in addition to requiring the construction party to provide the circuit diagram of the circuit and determine that the wiring path and materials used comply with the specifications, it can also simply judge whether they can meet the requirements by switching on and off the lamps and trying to plug in the sockets

the most easily neglected part of circuit acceptance is the ground wire. Since the live wire is mostly red, the zero wire is mostly blue, green, black and other colors, and the ground wire is divided into blue and green or multicolor stripes, consumers can simply use a megger to test during acceptance. When the ground wire is connected with the live wire or zero, there should be no excessive current

◆ doors and windows focus on sealing

door and window engineering is related to ventilation, lighting, safety and other aspects, and also involves a variety of materials and types, so it is necessary to conduct specific acceptance according to different materials and conditions. For example, for windows with sliding switches, try opening the window to feel whether the window sash moves smoothly on the window frame track, and whether there is sound, etc

doors and windows are one of the leakage sources of houses in rainy days. Consumers must carefully check the design and tightness of doors and windows during acceptance, so as not to leave hidden dangers of leakage. During acceptance, you can bring a tape measure to measure whether the door opening and window size are consistent at any time, whether there is a drain on the bottom frame of the door and window, so that the water exuding from the bottom frame can be discharged in time, and whether there is a drip line on the outer edge of the window to prevent rainwater from flowing into the windowsill or indoors. For the tightness, first, check the verticality of the window frame. You can push and pull the window sash close to the window frame, leave a little gap, and then see whether the upper, middle, and lower gaps are the same size

◆ multiple pressure tests of radiators

in the north, besides the basic decoration and some integrated products, there is also a key acceptance point, namely, heat dissipation equipment. In the process of radiator installation, safety and sealing is the key. We must pay attention to no water leakage, so it is necessary to carry out stamping test during acceptance. Generally, during replacement construction, workers will reserve valves on the pipeline. After installation, stamping test should be carried out to prove that there is no leakage, emission, dripping and leakage before acceptance can be completed. When the floor heating is completed, the pressure test shall be carried out again to ensure that the pipeline is not damaged





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