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Appearance and strength coexist - Cohen pipeline machine gx303c is perfectly listed

innovation has always been the internal driving force for the rapid development of Cohen appliances in recent years, and product innovation is the core of enterprise innovation. The gx303c instant heating pipeline machine, a brand-new product of Cohen appliance, has gone through many processes, from tempered glass panel materials to classic champagne gold craft modeling; From the introduction of instant metal heating technology to the design of multiple safety protection measures; With a few months of internal testing and drinking experience, ensuring the perfection of every detail, it was finally launched recently

Cohen appliances focuses on the market and user needs, adheres to the two wheel drive of social and environmental benefits, and focuses on intelligence, energy conservation and safety, making the gx303c instant heating pipeline machine bright spots frequently. Luxury LCD, touch sensitive key, dual intelligence. The touch key operation mode of the whole machine realizes multi-function selection and free switching, and the digital temperature is displayed in real time. There is no need to press the key with force. As long as the touch screen can operate sensitively, it greatly realizes intelligence and convenience

you can choose as many degrees as you want. Cohen gx303c instant heating pipeline machine adopts the second boiling technology, which makes it hot when it is turned on without long-time heating and waiting. At the same time, the temperature can be freely selected from the three-stage heating gears of 100 ° boiling water, 75 ° tea making water, 45 ° milk brewing water, and four outlet temperatures of normal temperature water. Through Cohen gx303c instant heating pipeline machine, the hot water can run continuously, fully meeting the drinking water needs of users

child lock protection, intimate everywhere. Cohen gx303c instant heating pipeline machine takes "safety child lock" as the standard configuration of the product to prevent the risk that children may be scalded due to improper operation during family purchase. When there is no heating operation within 30 seconds, Cohen gx303c will automatically enter the electronic child lock locking state, eliminating the potential safety risks of child misoperation. Not only that, gx303c pipeline machine also has super dry burning protection, and built-in water shortage protection, which is extremely humanized safety care

Cohen gx303c instant heating pipeline machine is connected with various water purifier hosts through pipelines to transmit the purified water of the water purifier to various drinking water places, forming a small terminal drinking water system in homes, offices, production and other places, providing warm drinking water and bringing a more convenient and comfortable experience of drinking water to families





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