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Simple and elegant color matching, modern and simple style design, fashionable home decoration, reasonable and ingenious layout, the following small family home with two bedrooms and one living room is really great. You might as well see its style through this group of small family decoration design renderings

decoration files:

decoration community: Poly Lanhai county (more decoration renderings of poly Lanhai county) decoration company: Decoration bidding decoration house type: two bedrooms and one living room decoration method: half package decoration style: modern simple contract amount: 50000

a silver gray elevated table lamp beside the sofa at the window marks a beautiful arc in the space, softens the lines of the living room, and shows the artistic beauty of the design; There are no gorgeous chandeliers or crystal lamps on the simply whitewashed ceiling. Delicate spotlights are embedded in them, providing a uniform, bright and warm light source for the room; The white one-line fabric sofa is simple, exquisite and fashionable. The black paint tea table and chocolate velvet carpet match it well. Although the interior decoration design in the effect drawing is simple, it creates a very stylish small family home space, which feels very good

the open pattern connects the living room and dining room, broadens the vision, and effectively makes up for the lack of space in this small family home. The black dining tables and chairs in the Chinese restaurant are simple and fashionable, continuing the elegance and exquisite style of the modern simple style of the living room. Looking at the living room from the dining room, the decoration design effect of the sofa background wall is very good. The collage of soft bags with different colors not only shows a rich sense of hierarchy, but also improves the comfort of the space

the storage cabinet embedded in the porch in the effect drawing is beautiful and practical. Under the careful care of the owner, the space appears spotless, neat and clean, creating the first beautiful scenery of this small family home, leaving a good impression. Standing in the restaurant and watching, the situation of the bedroom is vaguely visible. The decoration of the bedroom is simple, and the color matching is also very elegant. The decoration design of modern simple style looks very good

the geometric circular decoration really adds a lot of points to the decoration effect drawing of this small bathroom. From the ceiling of the bathroom and the wall decoration of the basin, circles have been added, which not only echo many parts, but also make use of the circular curve beauty to add a sense of fashion to the bathroom. The red bathroom floor extends from the bedroom, fully reflecting the beauty of harmony. The design of the background wall of the shower room adopts different designs, and the patterns of tile splicing amazingly show the irregular beauty of freedom

community profile: Poly Lanhai county is another masterpiece of Hubei poly in Nanhu New City in 2011. The project is located in the South Lake plate in the central area of Wuchang. The front line is adjacent to the lake and on the North Bank of the South Lake. It enjoys the vast South Lake of 760 hectares, overlooks the beautiful lion mountain opposite, and has a beautiful environment near the mountains and rivers. The project is close to Zhongnan business district, jiejiekou business district and Guanggu business district, and it takes 10 minutes by car. There are 15 bus lines on Xiongchu avenue to three towns directly, with convenient transportation. Shopping, medical treatment, education and catering facilities are available

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