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The third smart manufacturing development and Application Conference (SMAs) was successfully concluded

the third smart manufacturing development and Application Conference (SMAs Forum) with the theme of practical smart manufacturing innovation of small and medium-sized enterprises ended on October 22 at the Bank of Jinji Lake in Suzhou. Nearly 300 domestic and foreign experts, industry scholars and enterprise managers gathered together to talk about the road of intelligent manufacturing innovation

11 celebrities from SIG, Voith, Huawei, Unicom, Gami, juramat and other industries shared on the hot topics at the forefront of the industry. The topics covered: neural network vision, augmented reality, machine learning, 5g. The key supporting components of the industrial IOT were selected from international and domestic famous brands, and buzzed after each experiment to prompt similar products, digital twins, etc., involving the core application technologies and scenarios of industrial interconnection

fusion, linking and empowerment. SMAS hopes that through such a platform, it can help intelligent manufacturing enterprises find practical intelligent manufacturing technologies suitable for their own development, find new opportunities, realize technological innovation and production innovation, promote exchanges between industry, University and research institutes, and gradually realize the digital transformation and upgrading of intelligent manufacturing around the needs and expectations of enterprises and the public

on the day of the conference, juramat (Suzhou) and Suzhou Artificial Intelligence Research Institute of Shanghai Jiao Tong University jointly launched the intelligent manufacturing AI laboratory, which will deepen industry university research cooperation through the platform of intelligent manufacturing AI laboratory, promote the faster and more effective docking of cutting-edge scientific and technological achievements with the needs of enterprises, and realize the implementation of intelligent manufacturing applications

Mr. Liang Chao, CEO of juramat (Suzhou), CO sponsor of intelligent manufacturing AI laboratory, said in an interview: the university has many such technologies and scientific research achievements. We are directly facing customers. Facing such a problem, we are united, regardless of field

intelligent manufacturing AI laboratory is a domestic leading joint laboratory cooperation platform jointly established by juramat (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. and Suzhou Institute of artificial intelligence, shanghaijiaotonguniversity. It will use this platform to give play to their respective advantages in industry, technology, market, platform, resources, etc., establish an all-round, multi angle and multi-level cooperation mechanism, and jointly promote the development of ai+ intelligent manufacturing industry, Promote industrial upgrading

smas (intelligent manufacturing development and Application Conference) is an industry communication and sharing platform focusing on automation, digitalization and enterprise management. It aims to assist small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises in the Chinese market to carry out innovation and reform of intelligent factories and enterprise management by sharing practical application cases and providing progressive application specifications and implementation guidance. SMAS helps manufacturing enterprises realize their intelligent and digital transformation and upgrading by sharing practical, practical and landing intelligent manufacturing solution application cases. We expect more enterprises to join us, build an industry platform, share industry resources and build intelligent manufacturing

let's meet again at the 4th SMAS forum next golden autumn and October by the Jinji Lake

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