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The copyright issue of 3D printing has caused controversy

in recent years, with the continuous development of science and technology, 3D printing has also attracted more and more attention. 3D printers have gradually become more approachable from the top cutting-edge technology products at the beginning. Many small and medium-sized enterprises and even individuals have also produced many cool and novel products with the help of 3D printing technology. On the other hand, with the rise of the emerging market of 3D printing, the copyright of original products has also caused great controversy

at present, 3D printing technology is not only the favorite of scientists, but also the film and television circles, art circles and even ordinary people are curious about this novel technology. In recent years, several Hollywood blockbusters have successfully used 3D printing technology, such as the well-known movies avatar and iron man. In addition to showing off in the film and television industry, 3D printing has also won the favor of creative designers. Because the 3D printer can print desired works according to the blueprint drawn by the computer, and use materials such as rubber and resin, the production process becomes more simple and direct. Designers can design models by themselves, or simply download drawings from the computer to easily print products

however, as 3D printing technology flies into the homes of ordinary people, copyright disputes between brands have also become a focus topic in the industry. Juliesamuels, a member of the American electronics rights foundation, expressed her views. We can imagine how people use and share goods today. People are from a personal point of view. Imagine that when someone else is playing with a figurine based on your child, you will certainly think about copyright law. This is what we have to do

infringement disputes caused by 3D printing technology also arise. Some large enterprises and brands have adopted legal means to protect their goods from 3D printing plagiarism. Even some small and medium-sized enterprises and individuals involved in 3D reproduction have been sued for copyright infringement. In this regard, Julie said that this would have a great impact on the 3D printing market

julisamuels: the further restriction of copyright is bound to hit the 3D printing market against the main features of Table 1 special engineering plastics and limit their good development. It will become more difficult for people to print things freely at home. I think it is very unfavorable to promote 3D printing technology

in the face of more and more infringement disputes, relevant experts call for the establishment of a 3D printing technology protection system as soon as possible to make up for its lack of intellectual property rights

julisamuels: we hope Congress will pay more attention to the 3D copyright law. This will free those who want to learn or use 3D printing technology from punishment

at present, 3D printing is only applicable to a few fields such as plastic, resin, wood and metal. There is no way to achieve mass production, but it is certain that these technical bottlenecks will be broken in the near future. At that time, the intellectual property system will face greater challenges if there is no oil outflow from the oil return pipe. Therefore, how to balance the relationship between the development of 3D printing market and the legal protection of intellectual property rights has become an urgent problem to be considered and solved

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