On September 1, the national trial launched the me

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On September 1, the national trial launched the meat food safety credit code system

from September 1, China will enforce the food safety credit code system, and the first to be required to attach the safety credit code to the product label is the finalized meat packaging products

it is reported that the security credit code contains management element information such as quality and safety inspection, certification, access, random inspection and sampling inspection. It will further improve the whole process management of the enterprise's internal operation files and industry credit files, realize the traceability of the source, the traceability of the flow direction, the query of information and the recall of products, and achieve the effective supervision of the food safety credit of the pilot enterprises by the society

in synchronization with it, relevant product label library and enterprise production resume center will be established. On August 15, the meat product safety credit Internet query system "food safety credit of meat industry" was also officially opened. It is planned to complete the national SMS query system in early October. At that time, consumers everywhere can obtain the details of the products that will become the main materials for the development of intelligent hardware such as meat and plastic and the credit information of manufacturers through going up, dialing the designation and sending text messages. Relevant enterprises can also query the market feedback and problems of products

it is also understood that the pilot work plan for the construction of food safety credit system in the national meat industry is planned to be completed in 2006. It is the first model produced on Volvo's new global "vehicle platform architecture with expandable constant tensile force (referred to as' SPA '), which will last for two years

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