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Liaoning promotes four seasons of tourism - Travel A cheongsam show is staged at the launch ceremony. [Photo provided to]

The 2018 Liaoning Four Seasons Tourism Beijing Promotion Week was launched Friday at the Amazing China Theater in Beijing's Xiushuijie Mansion. A series of activities are planned for the promotion week, which will last until April 22.

During the launch ceremony, heads from tourism development committees of the 14 cities in Liaoning province introduced their own tourism resources. Cooperative agreements were also signed between Liaoning Tourism Development Committee and Beijing Tourism Development Committee, as well as travel agencies in the two regions. Meanwhile, cheongsam and swimsuit shows included in the ceremony helped kick off the week.

City Theme Day activities happening April 14-15 include tourism promotion, intangible cultural heritage exhibits, sales of cultural products, donations of tourist souvenirs and local folk art performances. A photographic exhibition presenting the distinctive tourism and cultural features of Liaoning province is on display throughout the promotion week at the Xiushuijie Mansion. In addition, the square in front of the mansion is hosting special afternoon art performances April 14-15.

The Liaoning Tourism Development Committee is dedicated to promoting tourism in the province throughout the four seasons, each with its own distinctive characteristics. Spring in Liaoning is ideal for enjoying flowers and watchicn]ng birds, summer for escaping the heat, autumn for admiring maple trees and picking fruit, and winter for playing in the snow and experiencing hot springs. The committee also explores the profound cultural resources of Liaoning, combining culture and history with tourism. The province has six UNESCO World Cultural Heritage sites and strong Manchu cultural flavor, as it is the cradle of the Manchu people.

Hosted by the Liaoning Tourism Development Committee, the week aims to increase the popularity of Liaoning tourism in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region as well as the world.

Lu Bingyu, head of the Liaoning Tourism Development Committee, delivers a speech at the launch ceremony in Beijing on Friday. [Photo provided to chinadailwhich is highly dependent on gas supply to announce a state of emergency on] 1 2 3 4 Next >>|

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