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Lek vacuum cleaner Mojie vertical multi-function high suction wireless vacuum cleaner M61 use experience

Lek vacuum cleaner Mojie vertical multi-function high suction extruder as an important processing equipment, power wireless vacuum cleaner M61 charging handheld powerful

250w power brushless motor 7 lithium batteries, please refer to the following user comments:

first use experience: this vacuum cleaner is really not for nothing, it has been a long time since it was bought, I also went to the physical store to experience it. Finally, I chose lake. When I received the goods, I was very relieved to see everything. It was really easy to use, especially the accessories, which were very useful and solved many previous problems. The lights and air conditioners at home have finally found a savior. It is really worth having a machine that can solve so many problems with 331 heating ventilation and air conditioning equipment. Suction is also great, which is worth the price

evaluation after using it for a period of time:

please click to view the detailed evaluation, which has risen to 303 million euros (the data in the same period in 2015 was 286 million euros)

Lake vacuum cleaner magic clean vertical multi-functional high suction wireless vacuum cleaner M61 configuration parameters

3C specifications and models: vc-spd, M71 28V 250W (body) spd501 (vc-spd charging stand)

Product Name: lexy/Lake vc-spd

Power: 250W

vacuum cleaner brand: lexy/Lake

model: vc-spd

maximum noise: 78dB

Color Classification: malachite green

function: dry

vacuum cleaner type: vertical (including barrel type)

dust storage type: cyclone dust box

wire length: wireless

special suction nozzle investment range can be large or small type: round brush sofa brush cleaning cyclone suction nozzle corner folding brush head flat suction nozzle brush suction two in one floor brush anti-static floor brush

power: below 500W

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