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Hubei Dawu carried out the "three autumn" agricultural machinery battle

on the 7th, Dawu County Agricultural Machinery Bureau regularly cleaned the machinery and electrical equipment. At shunshan village, Hekou Town, Wuxian County Agricultural Machinery Bureau held a field meeting on the operation of harvester sickle harvesting medium rice and rotary cultivator tillage. The "three autumn" operation battle of autumn harvest, autumn tillage and autumn sowing in this county kicked off

in order to ensure that mature mid season rice grains are stored and autumn crops are sown on time, Dawu County Agricultural Machinery Bureau plans, arranges and acts early. At the end of July, a comprehensive survey was carried out on the distribution of rice in the county, the mature period, and the surplus and shortage of machinery, and a "three autumn" agricultural machinery battle plan was formulated. When the agricultural machinery law enforcement hydraulic universal experimental machine system failed, scientific and technological personnel went deep into the fields and farmyards to carry out "door-to-door inspection, send science and technology to the countryside", organize the safety study of combine operators, and assist in the safety inspection, repair and maintenance of combine harvesters, Provide cross area operation, and include "electronic tensile testing machine" and "electronic pressure testing machine" into this standard (Chapter 1 of 1996 edition; Chapter 1 of this edition); 2) Delete one term (3.1 of 1996 edition); 3) Some contents of "Table 1 symbols" have been modified (199 it is better to identify whether the low-density polyethylene bottle used for eye drops bottle is mixed with recycled materials in Table 1 of the 6-year version; table 1 of this version); 4) Some contents of the main parameter series have been modified (Chapter 4 of 1996 edition; Chapter 4 of this edition); 5) The two levels of level 2 and level 3 in the classification of the experimental machine (5.2 in 1996 version; 5.2 in this version) were cancelled; 6) The requirements for coaxiality of the experimental machine with maximum capacity not greater than 5kn ( of 1996 version; of this version) are modified; 7) The requirements for the hardness of zigzag indenter and its two supports are added ( of 1996 version; of this version); 8) The provisions allowing the moving beam to adjust speed by stages and the corresponding grading number system ( of 1996 edition; of this edition) have been cancelled; 9) The provisions on the speed relative error index and speed detection time of level 0.5 experimental machine ( and 6.3.7 of 1996 version; and 6.3.9 of this version) 10) are modified. The contents related to the drift of calibration value and the recording device of electronic universal experimental machine ( and 5.4.3 of 1996 version; of this version) are deleted; 11) The technical indexes and calculation methods of zero relative error, discrimination threshold, zero drift of force measuring system (5.4 and 6.4 of 1996 edition; 5.4 and 6.4 of this edition) have been modified; 12) Regulations on technical requirements and measurement methods of control system (5.7 and 6.7 of this version) are added; 13) The technical requirements and detection methods of computer data collection system (5.8 and 6.8 of this version) are added; 14) Modified some technical index information of extended calculation, and issued cross region operation permit. Strengthen the contact with agricultural machinery production enterprises, distribution and maintenance points, and strengthen the "Three Guarantees", after-sales and maintenance services of machines and tools; After the mid season rice harvester is sickled and harvested, the County Agricultural Machinery Bureau will arrange special personnel to be on duty to open the "three autumn" agricultural machinery battle service. At the same time, it will organize agricultural machinery management personnel to tour all traffic crossings and centralized machinery operation places to grasp the dynamics of machine harvesting at any time, dispatch work machines and tools, and investigate and deal with various mechanical operation contradictions and disputes

at present, the county's agricultural machinery harvest is about 80 yuan per mu, and nearly 100 sets of combine harvesters and rotary cultivators are invested

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