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Improving the stability of the packaging equipment in the rear section -- the automation control system shows its skill

summary: when zhangchangrong, deputy to the National People's Congress and mayor of Jixi City, delivered a speech on the opening day of the Heilongjiang delegation group on March 6, Automation Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Beckhoff) has 30 years of history in the automation industry From into the packaging industry, by virtue of its advanced products and solutions,Beckhoff has become firmly established the foundation, and won the recognition by majority of customers of Beckhoff. Foshan Ying Hui Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. is one example.

the packaging industry is a sunrise industry. With the change of market environment, most enterprises in this industry have changed from manual packaging to packaging machinery or automated packaging production lines to complete the packaging process. This has not only brought a broad market for packaging machinery, but also accelerated the development of automatic control system of packaging machinery. Foshan Yinghui packaging machinery equipment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Yinghui machinery) is a well-known enterprise in the packaging machinery industry. Through the automatic transformation of the equipment, the production efficiency and product quality have been greatly improved, thus bringing higher benefits to the enterprise. These achievements also benefited from the sincere cooperation with German Beifu Automation Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Beifu)

common growth

Foshan Yinghui packaging machinery equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional company that produces and operates all kinds of packaging machinery and equipment. The company is located in the Foshan electronic and electrical appliance industry base of the national Torch Plan in Foshan, Guangdong Province, with convenient transportation. It covers an area of more than 17000 square meters and has an annual production capacity of 200 sets. It provides excellent packaging equipment for large customers in the alcohol, beverage, seasoning, food, chemical and other industries and will be implemented in 2015

for beer, beverages, milk and other products, the use of automated production lines can improve their production efficiency and safety. Mr. Zhang Ying, the assistant general manager of Yinghui machinery, told us that he began to understand the products of Beifu company in 2006. At that time, Beifu was still in the development stage in the domestic packaging machinery industry. However, based on Beifu's decades of industry background and its good reputation in the automation industry, Yinghui machinery decided to adopt Beifu's automatic control system at the beginning of its establishment in 2009, Although individual plastic utilization has incomplete incentives in different metal substitution cases, Beifu provides a complete customized solution according to the requirements of Yinghui machinery. Before the products are formally installed on the packaging equipment, many strict tests have been carried out to ensure that these automatic products can be highly compatible with other parts of Yinghui machinery in the future. Yinghui was very satisfied with this. Mr. Zhang Ying said that Beifu was really for the sake of customers and was very serious about every step. Such a good start not only enables Beifu's automation products and solutions to help Yinghui machinery accelerate its development, but also Yinghui machinery can use the actual Cl and other monomer reactions to prepare degradable PEU. The achievements show Beifu's product technology advantages to Chinese packaging machinery enterprises, forming a mutually beneficial and win-win situation. To be sure, Yinghui machinery has achieved remarkable rapid growth after two and a half years of rapid development

quality assurance for batch procurement

Mr. Zhang Ying said that Yinghui's packaging machinery used almost all Beifu's automated products. Among them, the embedded control panel cp6901 produced by Beifu has been installed on all equipment. Some other control systems such as embedded PC control system and temperature control system are mainly used in the rear packaging equipment, including labeling, product appearance packaging, packing and stacking. In 2012 alone, with the substantial growth of Yinghui's packaging performance, Yinghui's procurement of Beifu products nearly doubled. Such a large-scale application stems from the recognition of the quality of Beifu products

as mentioned above, Yinghui machinery has achieved rapid growth that has attracted the attention of the industry in two and a half years, mainly because its packaging machinery has excellent performance such as high efficiency, firmness, durability and reliability. The R & D, design, manufacturing and installation of packaging machinery are all completed by the company itself. Therefore, every raw material and component has strict standards. Yinghui machinery only uses the components with the best function and the highest performance

when selecting the control platform, the technicians of Yinghui machinery made various investigations on many control system production companies in the market. They found that PC based control technology has been tested and tested for many years and has been widely used. Beifu's leading position in the field of PC control technology makes us firmly believe that using Beifu's products and solutions can not only meet our current needs, but also respond quickly to the new trends and growing market demand in the future market, so as to ensure that we can always maintain our technical advantages. Mr. Zhang Ying said that he also pointed out that from the initial use to the present, Beifu's products have proved their absolute excellent stability and quality with their excellent performance

professional after-sales service

Mr. Zhang Ying also told us that if the equipment provided by Yinghui machinery to end users has problems in the automation equipment of Beifu, Beifu will send relevant technicians to the production site of Yinghui within 24 hours to help solve the problems. During the years of cooperation with Beifu, the performance of its equipment has been stable, which has greatly improved the production efficiency and product quality of the end users of the equipment, endowed the packaging machinery with more efficient production capacity, and reduced the error caused by manual operation and adjustment of the equipment

automation and packaging machinery are mutually beneficial and win-win

such a mutually beneficial cooperation mode is typical in the whole packaging industry. In the future, there will be more and more automation applications in the field of packaging machinery. At the same time, the requirements for automation products will gradually increase, and challenges and opportunities will coexist. It is believed that on the basis of friendly cooperation between the two sides, automation technology and packaging machinery will achieve win-win results


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