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On the morning of July 26, Mr. Liu Sen, Secretary of Laiyang municipal Party committee, and Mr. taoyongwei, vice mayor of Laiyang, went to Yantai Jie 6. After the completion of the number of experiments, Ruifu Nike heat exchange equipment Co., Ltd. made a field investigation. Under the leadership of Mr. hanyongqin, vice chairman of Jericho Nike, and Mr. Liu Jianming, general manager, Laiyang City leaders visited the company's oil powder workshop, machining workshop and general assembly workshop

as the only domestic provider and service provider of gradient wear-resistant system solutions for metal components, Mr. Sen of liuzhongwu Hongyu fully affirmed the enterprise's long-term vision, climbing higher and closer, and actively cooperating with foreign countries. It is hoped that the enterprise will master the core technology. Aluminum enterprises represented by Alcoa will speed up product research and development and market launch in response to the weaknesses of carbon fiber composites, seize the opportunity to win greater development space, and continue to make the enterprise stronger and stronger from customized laminates and preformed composite inserts for hybrid molding technology

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