The hottest laminated glass has a unique style and

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Laminated glass has a unique style and is widely used in the market.

laminated glass is the middle of two or more pieces of float glass. 5. The retrieval function of the experimental results is sandwiched with a strong and tough PVB (ethylene polymer butyrate) adhesive film, which is pressed by a hot press and discharged as much air as possible, and then put into a high-pressure steam kettle to dissolve a small amount of residual air into the adhesive film with high temperature and high pressure. In order to meet the higher requirements of customers and designers, a variety of PVB films can be provided for customers to choose

product characteristics

high safety. Due to the tenacity and strong adhesion of the adhesive film in the middle layer, it is not easy to be penetrated after being damaged by impact, and the fragments will not fall off, so it is tightly bonded with the adhesive film

compared with other glasses, it has the properties of shock resistance, anti-theft, bullet proof and explosion-proof

energy saving. The intermediate film can reduce solar radiation, prevent the loss of energy, and save the power consumption of air conditioning. On this basis, the intermediate film can buffer the sound wave vibration products of sound, so as to achieve the sound insulation effect. But the sound insulation effect is not good, because it has no vacuum layer, but there is a plastic film between the two pieces of glass. The plastic film is sound transmission, which is almost hollow

the intermediate film can block 99% of ultraviolet rays and delay the fading of indoor furniture curtains

increase the aesthetic appearance of the building

the intermediate membrane can have a variety of colors for designers to choose, which is easy to coordinate with the outer wall and the surrounding environment

in particular, the matching of patterns and colors can be ever-changing, and can be designed at will without restrictions. The pattern is clear and lifelike, up to 1440dpi photo level. There are marble grain, wood grain, animal skin grain, wallpaper fabric art, exotic flowers and plants, internal and external lubricants 0.5~2.0 of ancient landscape paintings, personal art photos, wedding photos, etc. The bottom layer of the product is solid, with strong adhesion, acid and alkali resistance, rapid cooling and heating resistance, no radiation, and the bottom layer is safe, which not only increases the safety of the product, but also breaks through the disadvantage that tempered glass can no longer be cut, making the construction more convenient

product diversification. The unique sandwich material can be determined according to the design. Show transparent, translucent and opaque effects. It can be widely used in screens, sliding doors, partitions, ceilings and backgrounds. Especially in the development of raw materials and products, we have unique advantages

product application

many manufacturers have fought a price war on the product specifications of underwater buildings such as anti-theft, bulletproof, explosion-proof lighting sheds for building doors and windows, glass roof banks, automobiles, decoration and so on

[Characteristics] building safety glass, sound insulation glass, isolation UV bulletproof glass

[purpose] lighting shed, apartment/hotel doors and windows, zoo, aquarium places with special safety requirements

[Specification] maximum size: 2440*5500 (mm) minimum size: 250*250 (mm) common glass thickness: (mm) common PVB film thickness: 0.38mm, 0.76mm, 1.14mm, 1.52mm

application field

because laminated glass has high impact strength and use safety, it is suitable for doors, windows, ceilings, shower rooms, floors and partitions of buildings, skylights of industrial plants, shop windows, kindergartens, schools, gymnasiums, private residences, villas, lunatic asylum, banks, jewelry stores, post offices and other doors and windows of buildings that store valuables or fragile glass. Laminated glass is also often used in schools, airports, hotels, ministerial office buildings and other public facilities, places prone to accidents (floor to ceiling windows, glass doors, etc.) and roof skylights

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