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Automatic control system of bridge type grab ship unloader

grab ship unloader is the key equipment for loading and unloading coal, ore, grain, fertilizer and other bulk cargo in port, power plant, metallurgy, chemical industry and other industries. In the past, such electrical control systems mainly rely on imports

Haide company is committed to the electrical automation of large lifting equipment. According to a large number of engineering practices and the digestion and absorption of international advanced technology, it has independently developed an advanced semi-automatic bridge grab ship unloader automatic control system, which has been widely used and praised

system features

high operation efficiency - semi-automatic cycle, trajectory optimization, grab deep excavation control

reduce labor intensity - grab automatic operation, semi-automatic cycle operation, high degree of automation, less manual intervention

prolong mechanical life - electronic speed regulation and grab automatic control, no impact, motor output balance control

powerful management functions - graphic monitoring management system, productivity statistics Report generation and with the increasing requirements of consumers for food packaging, printing

safe and reliable - high-quality product integration, perfect protection and fault detection and processing system

simple maintenance - power distribution animation monitoring, real-time and historical fault records, perfect maintenance instructions

considerate service - remote diagnosis Timely on-site service Mr. chenchengsi, chairman of Ningbo Dacheng new materials Co., Ltd.

main technical parameters

productivity: 600t/h, 800t/h, 1200t/h 1500t/h

semi automatic operation cycle: ≤ 50s

position synchronization accuracy: ≤ 0.3%

load balancing accuracy: ≤ 2%

composition of automatic control system

Motor: DC motor/AC variable frequency motor

Full Digital AC/DC governor: abb/schneider/siemens/ge/Anchuan

PLC: abb/schneider/siemens/ge/

load the self-developed grab and semi-automatic intelligent control special software package.

Network: Modbus/Mo DBUS plus/PROFIBUS DP/Ethernet

upper computer monitoring: touch screen/industrial control computer, loading self-developed graphic monitoring and management software package of ship unloader

main functions

automatic bucket opening and closing control of grab, realizing soft bucket opening and soft bucket closing, eliminating mechanical and electrical impact

automatic deep excavation control of grab, realizing maximum grab control

position synchronous control, ensuring lifting Synchronous lifting of opening and closing mechanism

load torque the biggest highlight of this model is the new golden color matching model balance control, which ensures the balanced output of lifting and opening and closing mechanisms, and effectively prevents sprinkling

optimal semi-automatic operation control, automatic real-time construction of semi-automatic operation curve, safe and efficient

static unloading and bucket dumping mode selection, to meet the requirements of efficient loading and unloading of materials in different states, accurate positioning control,

ensure that the discharge does not spill out of the hopper

automatic anti sway control, accurately control the swing of the grab, ensure mechanical safety and accurate positioning

full automatic linkage of the luffing and its hook, and avoid manual misoperation

special "anti slip hook" technology formed based on the analysis of speed, acceleration, load and torque,

reliable fault detection and treatment, effectively protect equipment and personal safety

perfect monitoring and management system, Real time animation display, management and printing of color graphics

remote information collection, monitoring, programming, diagnosis and management can be carried out through the Internet or local area, with high cost performance

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