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Laiwu she said that hdfb25.00 return circuit breaker hydraulic support valve warranty

Laiwu hdfb25.00 return circuit breaker hydraulic support valve warranty

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Laiwu hdfb25.00 return circuit breaker hydraulic support valve warranty

return circuit breaker, Hdf-13/25 return circuit breaker

product introduction of return circuit breaker

hdf-13/25 return circuit breaker is used to prevent the liquid flow of the main return pipeline from hitting the highest monthly sales volume in the previous history of China's Excavator Industry and returning to the rack, causing the misoperation of each hydraulic working element of the support; At the same time, it can realize the maintenance of any support (closed at the same time with its liquid inlet stop valve) under the normal operation of the pump and other supports. Hdf-13/25 liquid return circuit breaker is a polyoxymethylene conical sealing structure. The one-way valve has simple structure and convenient manufacture. It is suitable for installing a return circuit breaker between the control valve and the main return pipeline, and it is used at the same time as the stop valve of the rack. It is convenient for maintenance and troubleshooting

hdf-13/25 return circuit breaker product parameters

return circuit breaker rated working pressure: 25MPa rated working flow: 40l/min size: 95 × 55 weight: 1.2kg type: check valve material: carbon steel model: hdf-13/25

scope of application: mine support equipment product alias: return circuit breaker valve nominal pressure: 25 (MPA) type (channel position): straight through

connection form: thread main material: carbon steel

once the goal of M & a centralization is achieved, the structure of China's sheet metal industry sector will change, Close to the advanced level of steel industry in major steel producing countries. Therefore, once the world thin plate product export market price drops, its domestic thin plate product market price will have greater efforts to block the downward trend, just like other major steel producing developed countries, that is, the decline in the world thin plate product market price will not be immediately fed back to the domestic thin plate product market, and the domestic thin plate product market will have a buffer period to prevent its price decline. China cancels the policy of tax reduction or exemption for steel products and other non-ferrous metals. In early 2004, coke was eliminated; At the beginning of 2005, steel, aluminum and nickel were canceled, and steel billets were canceled from April 1, 2005. Soon, the amount of short and long profile products was reduced and improved by the supporting system of raw and auxiliary materials. Reduce the amount to the steel industry sector. In order to promote the merger and acquisition movement between some domestic steel companies and overseas steel companies, and promote the transparency of the financial situation of these domestic steel companies

constitute a huge industrial force or employment class. Many large and medium-sized state-owned iron and steel companies are located in provinces and autonomous regions that vigorously promote the faster development of local economy. China's iron and steel industry sector has always been a basic industrial sector vigorously supported by the central and local governments. In fact, the strong support of the central government and all levels has played a great role in promoting China's economic development, and the iron and steel industry sector has provided sufficient steel production capacity to meet the huge demand for steel at the national and local levels. China's iron and steel industry sector is an industrial sector that consumes a lot of resources in the national economy, such as a large amount of water, electricity and energy, and a large amount of public facilities or resources of roads, railways and ports. At the same time, the iron and steel industry sector is a major polluter of air and water. The iron and steel industry sector is also a sector that has a huge impact on the pressure of economic inflation. The iron and steel industry sector is also an important sector competing with the power industry sector for railway transmission. Therefore, China's iron and steel industry sector plays a decisive role in the national economy

to achieve impact free performance. When closing, the action of the spring force action point makes the top of the disc close first. This prevents the biting and grinding phenomenon at the root of the valve disc, so that the valve can maintain the integrity of the seal for a longer time. The water hammer pressure is small, the valve closing speed is fast, the valve clack stroke is long, the size and weight of the structure are short, the volume is small, and the weight is light. Storage and pipeline layout bring great convenience, and can save a lot of materials and reduce the cost. The length of h76 mechanism is only 1/4~1/6 of h44 mechanism, and the length of h76 mechanism is only 1/4~1/6 of h44 mechanism. The fluid resistance is small, and the fluid resistance coefficient ξ Is 2.6~0.7. With the small-scale preparation capacity of key materials and components, single cells and modular battery stacks, the diameter of the valve increases, and the fluid resistance coefficient decreases. Fluid resistance coefficient ξ Is 1.3~3. However, under low pressure conditions, the valve disc cannot be fully opened, and the fluid resistance is large. Fluid resistance increases with the increase of valve diameter. It can be installed horizontally or vertically, with light weight, and there is no need to set a support for the valve

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