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Automatic control technology of sewage treatment plant

the automation system of sewage treatment plant is a necessary condition for realizing the modern treatment and modern management of sewage treatment plant. It is a necessary means to improve the sewage treatment effect, safe and reliable production, reduce drug consumption, reduce energy consumption, and achieve better social and economic benefits. It integrates computer technology, automatic control principle, automatic instruments, network technology It is a comprehensive and systematic project integrating video technology and sewage treatment technology. The automation system is composed of automatic control system, instrument system and industrial closed-circuit monitoring system. The v2000 water treatment automatic control system developed and designed by our company has been applied in many domestic sewage plants and can be applied to oxidation ditches, SBR and other processes in sewage plants

features are as follows:

first, centralized management and decentralized control


in the central control room of the sewage treatment plant, it can centrally monitor and control various equipment and production and operation data of the whole plant, and the process parameters and equipment status of the sewage treatment process are displayed on the upper computer. Each equipment can be controlled in the following three ways. Namely, local manual control, PLC control of sub control station and centralized control of water plant. There are two ways of automatic/remote manual control (remote control) in the control room

1. Local manual control: manually control the equipment locally through the buttons or controllers on the control box or cabinet

2. Control station control: the PLC of each sub control station executes its own control program, which is very easy to cause environmental pollution in the operation process of waste plastic granulator. Now, the following is some relevant field I/O signals of pressure tester printer in this station. In case of offline or communication failure with the control room, each sub control station can independently use its own PLC for control and communication between PLCs

3. Centralized control in the central control room of the plant: the central control room can monitor and control the production process of the whole plant and process data, control the controlled equipment automatically or with keyboard (or mouse), print and generate various reports and curves of the whole plant. Facilitate the operation and perfect management of the sewage plant

second, the reliability of the control system is high

spiral grille machine

avoids the danger of the centralized control system, that is, when the host fails, the whole control system stops running. In this control system, when the computer in the control room or the PLC in a sub control station fails, the PLC in each sub control station will not be affected and will still execute their own procedures to complete the control function of each sub control station. The mean time between failures of the system exceeds 100000 hours

III. convenient maintenance

check any part of the system and will not affect the automatic operation of other parts. PLC controller itself can be said to be a maintenance free product. It is convenient and fast to maintain and find faults, and it can be maintained with electricity

IV. PLC has strong command ability

the control system of the whole plant has strong communication ability, fast real-time response ability and high reliability about the short-circuit problem of electronic universal testing machine. It is easy to communicate with the upper management system and other systems about the noise limit at the construction site and its measurement method GB 12523~24 (9) 0

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