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Hubei is promoting 100 investment projects such as forestry paper to Hong Kong

Han Zhongxue, vice governor of Hubei Province, announced at the press conference of the 2004 Hubei Hong Kong Economic Cooperation Forum held in Hong Kong on the 21st that Hubei is promoting 100 major investment projects to Hong Kong in order to seek broader areas of cooperation between Hubei and Hong Kong

Han Zhongxue said that the central government made a clear strategic decision to "promote the rise of the central region" this year (generally 300KN hydraulic universal testing machine and 600kN hydraulic universal testing machine should be selected according to the different water-insoluble materials produced by chitosan and starch blend composites), which is conducive to accelerating the development of the central region, including Hubei, It also provides a broader development for foreign investors to invest in the central region. PP materials are gradually favored by manufacturers and have more business opportunities with the advantages of low price, excellent yellowing resistance and aging resistance, and better molding and processing performance. The formal implementation of CEPA also brought huge cooperation space for Hubei and Hong Kong on the morning of September 19. He said, "now is a good time to invest in Central China and Hubei."

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