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Lamborghini advanced composites laboratory officially launched recently, Lamborghini automotive company officially unveiled the "Lamborghini advanced composites laboratory" (ACSL) at the University of Washington. The launch of the laboratory marks the official launch of the exploration and cooperation between Lamborghini and the University of Washington and Boeing, leaders in aerospace and composite material development, in the field of carbon fiber technology

Lamborghini has provided substantial financial support for this laboratory, including sending GH technicians to accompany the solar racing team. It is hoped that through cooperation with partners such as Boeing and the Federal Aviation Administration, the R & D strength of the University of Washington in the aerospace field will be further strengthened, and its achievements will be applied to the R & D of supercars that make the skin appear young and compact. Lamborghini plans to apply the research results of the laboratory to the development of materials for future models. A lighter, more reliable and more comprehensive material will further optimize the comprehensive performance of Lamborghini supercar

"Lamborghini will continue to invest in the future. The advanced carbon fiber composite 13. the size of the experimental machine: about 1600 * 1300 * 1700 mm, and the technology is the key to achieve many goals," said Steven Smith, chairman and CEO of Lamborghini automobile company? Wen Coleman said, "for a long time, Lamborghini has been deeply influenced by aviation technology. The cooperation with the University of Washington, Boeing and the Federal Aviation Administration has played a very positive role in promoting our product research and development, and has indeed helped establish a new benchmark in the field of carbon fiber technology."

Lamborghini has made positive contributions to the certification of carbon fiber composites, and the laboratory has made great contributions to this. Since 2001, Lamborghini has been cooperating with Paolo ferraboli, the professor in charge of the laboratory, to carry out project research; In 2007, this super sports car manufacturer strengthened its research on the project "collision performance of the basic structure of composite vehicles"; Since 2008, Lamborghini has signed a research plan with the senior structural technology team of Boeing's research and Technology Department, and received the support of Lamborghini advanced composites laboratory

"the cooperation between the University of Washington and Lamborghini and other industry leaders has provided our students with favorable conditions to solve practical problems," said mark Emmert, President of the University of Washington. "The joint cooperation between the R & D personnel of the University of Washington and Lamborghini engineers will provide innovative materials for the automotive industry, for which we are very proud."

with its material density far lower than that of steel, we can see that the mechanical properties of the resin have increased considerably, and it has become an ideal material for manufacturing super sports cars. Replacing steel with carbon fiber reduces the weight of the car, which can not only improve the performance of the car by increasing the specific power, but also reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Carbon fiber is also harder and better than other materials. In addition, carbon fiber has a wider range of functions in the manufacturing process, reducing the time required to manufacture parts and simplifying the structure of components. These key factors prove that carbon fiber is the best material for building Lamborghini, the purest and most extreme Italian supercar. Lamborghini advanced composites laboratory will provide devices for testing, identification, manufacturing and processing of carbon fiber materials

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