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Automatic design expert system for plastic molds

PS moldmaker software of Delcam company in the UK is a powerful expert system for mold assembly design for plastic mold manufacturing, which can automatically create mold structures and core pulling mechanisms for complex injection and blow molds. It is fully integrated with the hybrid modeling system powershape pro of Delcam company, which can help users design non-standard parts and mechanisms

ps moldmaker is a general assembly processing scheme of 3D solid model focusing on processing. It can be used to design and assemble all parts in the mold. Compared with other similar software, PS moldmaker has more comprehensive functions. It contains a variety of mold standard parts libraries, and the automation of non-standard mold design is also higher. A unique feature of PS moldmaker is that at any stage of mold design, users can exit the automatic design mode in progress, switch to powershape to manually modify the design, and then continue to return to the automatic design mode to complete the model design. This means that users can not only benefit from the simple and high-speed automatic design brought by high-speed automatic design, but also obtain high-precision model design results according to their own needs without being limited by model size and complexity

after using PS moldmaker, the company can change from the traditional "two group design system mode" (the mold core and cavity are completed by one design group, while the other parts of the mold are completed by another design group using two-dimensional software) to a more advanced single group design system. Mold design can be completed in a group using a special software such as PS moldmaker. All mold design is carried out in a three-dimensional environment

provide standard parts library

ps moldmaker provides a complete standard parts library, supports standards such as DME, DMS, EOC, Futaba and HASCO, and can easily add new content to the parts library or customize non-standard parts library

support non-standard mold design

in addition to supporting standard parts, PS moldmaker also decreased by nearly 50% year-on-year, allowing users to specify non-standard mold bases, such as those needed to produce large molds. In this case, the system will continue to automatically prompt during the mold design process to remind users to choose standard parts as much as possible if possible. For parts using non-standard components, the system will also give suggestions on "appropriate part size". Users can modify these suggested data, and can save the newly generated non-standard assembly or subassembly in the user-defined part catalog for future use

preview module

using the preview module in PS moldmaker, you can easily observe different module layout methods, and you can see the size and position effect of the mold without reconstructing the complete solid model

because the preview module can display the contour line of each new part in real time to view the size and position effect of the mold, the mold structure can be viewed in real time during the design process, and the problems in the design can be found in time. For associative design, any part in the model can be modified at will in the later stage of design. After modification, other parts of the mold will be updated automatically

automatic mold mosaic wizard

ps moldmaker has a very excellent automatic mold mosaic wizard die wizard, which can automatically identify the parting line of the model and automatically divide the model into two parts. Then it can automatically separate the core and cavity, dynamically display the parting condition, and automatically produce high-quality parting surface. Even for parts with particularly complex shapes, the preparation time of the core and cavity can be greatly saved. If conditions permit, it can automatically generate a flat area at the corner of the rectangular block, which can simplify the positioning of the die guide post and guide sleeve. If necessary, a multi cavity mold can also be produced on the single board

die Wizard program also includes automatic core, slider and cooling water channel design functions. The slider design wizard program provides an automatic slider design method for dies with undercut. The user only needs to use the undercut shadow function of powershape to identify the relevant areas with undercut in the mold, and the wizard program can automatically design the core and other accessories in the slider mechanism using the slider type selected by the user. After the slider is designed, the software will automatically recalculate the parting line and parting surface of the mold core and cavity plate. Their main difference is re operation to adapt to the movement of the slider

cooling water channel wizard

using the cooling water channel Wizard program, users only need to outline the required water channel layout, and then they can generate one or more planes in the mold core or cavity and layout the water channel through the dynamic section command in powershape software. After the water channel is added, the software can automatically analyze the generated cooling water channel and provide corresponding warning information, such as: does the water channel match the cavity or core? Is the water channel too far away from the core or cavity to achieve the desired cooling effect? Is the water channel too close to the core or cavity to reach the wall thickness required by the mold strength

after the overall model is designed, the plate model can be submitted to Delcam's processing software PowerMILL to automatically generate the drilling tool path of water channels and other holes, as well as the tool path of cores, cavities and two-dimensional features

automatic drawing module

ps moldmaker also provides an automatic drawing module for general assembly drawing of molds and drawing of mold parts, which can automatically generate a complete set of associated engineering drawings with all annotations for all templates, and automatically generate the corresponding drilling circular hole planning. With the progress of the design work, the material setting list can be updated synchronously with the design, so that once the parts are specified, the corresponding parts can be ordered immediately, so as to avoid unnecessary time loss caused by waiting for parts in the processing process

application case

South Korea daedurk MTI company has used two software systems when designing and manufacturing 29 inch color TV back cover 2 and checking the non verticality plastic mold in the front and rear directions under the swing rod. Through practical application, the company clearly felt the efficiency brought by using PS moldmaker software

use two-dimensional software for mold design and processing, including 2D mold design, 3D modeling, punch and die parting, slider. Our company's electro-hydraulic servo actuator adopts the design concept with reference to MTS series 244 linear actuators and the design and processing of electrodes. The whole design and processing process took a total of 22.5 days, including 14 days for design and 8.5 days for processing

use PS moldmaker software for mold design and processing, including the design and processing of punch and die, slider, core, ejector hole, mold base library, cooling water channel and components. The whole design and processing process took a total of 13 days, including 11 days for design and 2 days for processing

it can be seen that after using PS moldmaker software, the mold design and processing efficiency have been significantly improved. It should be pointed out here that based on 6 years of experience in the application of 2D mold design software, daedurk MTI has achieved the above application effects after only receiving 5 days of training in the application of PS moldmaker and powershape software. (end)

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