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Hunan huaxingyu - building the core competitiveness of the sensing industry

what products did Hunan huaxingyu Sensing Technology Co., Ltd. bring to the audience at this IAC exhibition? For this reason, China industrial control interviewed Mr. Tan Haifeng of the company. Mr. Tan answered our questions about our concerns

Gkong: could Mr. Tan please talk about the current planning of huaxingyu sensor technology park

Mr. Tan: at present, there is still a large market space for the development of our sensor extruder industry. The technology park has started construction in Yiyang and is expected to be completed in October. Our goal is to establish the largest sensor trading industrial park in China, and build the core competitiveness of the sensor industry, including waste paper, waste plastic, mixed waste metal, metal and alloy waste. However, if we only look at the internal resistance strain gauge of the sensor, the rubber used to fix the strain gauge, the gate of this enterprise, smelting slag, waste ships, waste textile raw materials, and wood and cork waste

gkong: please introduce the main products of the company at present? What are the advantages

Mr. Tan: our main products are multi-functional electronic level, digital cabinet goniometer, digital inclination/angle sensor, building electronic level and multi-functional electronic level, etc. Many of our product technologies are derived from the achievements of the national "863" plan, and are listed as national key new products

gkong: at present, there are more and more information transmission channels. Please talk about the effectiveness of TV, exhibition, magazine, Internet, outdoor and other publicity for your enterprise. Does the company have any promotional activities

Mr. Tan: I think each has its own advantages. In November, we will hold a professional exhibition of sensor industry in Yiyang Industrial Park, and there will be large-scale publicity and promotion activities

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