How to implement ERP and ISO9000 together

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How to implement ERP and ISO9000 together?

through this case, it is not difficult for us to see CIO Mark's concern about the simultaneous implementation of ERP and ISO9000. Of course, this concern is necessary, but people usually call the implementation of ERP and the implementation of ISO9000 certification standards as the "first-hand project". That is to say, the main leaders of the enterprise should have sufficient understanding of the importance and difficulty of these two tasks, and be concerned and supported from beginning to end, It is the prerequisite for the success of these two works. Therefore, as long as the leaders of the enterprise attach importance to it and confirm the necessary conditions for the implementation of the team, plan and funds, it is not difficult to implement ERP and ISO9000 in the following aspects

1. The training of the two tasks should run through the whole process of implementation. In the aspect of ERP, we should pay attention to the ERP software training provided by software manufacturers and our own training, including the training of production, finance, purchase, sales and inventory and other basically good ternary materials and the application of fuel (mainly hydrogen energy) battery vehicle modules; In terms of ISO9000 standard, there are systematic standard implementation knowledge and training in preparing procedure documents. These two kinds of training should be combined and arranged by the business backbones involved. In the past, it was easy to find a problem that if you thought it was computer related training, you would send talents related to computer majors to participate. On the contrary, you would organize managers to learn the knowledge of standard implementation, which would lead to the disconnection between ERP implementation and various business management links. Like the development of management software, we should first "model", and systematically describe the whole process of a professional management in a way that computers can understand. This is something that unilateral computer professionals can't do. Therefore, we should organize management and computer talents to study and implement together, understand each other and focus on each other, not only learning the content of professional management and software Hardware knowledge also absorbs the management ideas contained in management software

2. Combined with the preparation of software organization program documents

through the training and learning of ISO9000 and ERP system, I accepted the new management ideas and new concepts of software. On the basis of clarifying the management functions of various departments of the enterprise, I organized the preparation of three-level documents of the enterprise quality system before the experiment, of which the most critical is the preparation of program documents, which specifies in detail the procedures of various specific management work of the enterprise, This is the so-called keeping the workflow unblocked can promote the reasonable flow of logistics, capital flow and information flow in the supply chain and form a closed loop to achieve the purpose of value-added. Because the current ERP software has good versatility, clear man-machine interface and convenient use, it only needs talents with certain professional knowledge to be competent. Therefore, when compiling programming documents, computer professionals and relevant management personnel are combined to compile them together, and static data sorting, dynamic business specifications, material numbers, warehouse location numbers and other coding work are combined with the requirements of standard implementation, Participate in the preparation and trial operation of procedure documents together, and then find problems through the small-scale trial operation of ERP, and gradually collect, sort and provide them for improvement in secondary development, so that "two skins" will not be formed and will be consolidated in implementation

the supporting implementation of the two works should be consolidated and improved in deepening the application. When ERP is preliminarily integrated and ISO9000 certification is passed, does the enterprise's management achieve information management and control? This idea or statement is wrong. The enterprise management needs long-term improvement, and the application of ERP is also a long-term process. There may be many weak links in the enterprise's information integration. After ISO9000 certification is passed, it can only show that the quality management work has completed the initial task, There are still many deficiencies in basic management. The management mode and system construction of enterprises need to be further adjusted and reformed, and they have not fully adapted to the changes of market economy. Many lessons from the failure of ERP application tell us that we must not stop when ERP is initially integrated, and we must pay close attention to summary and deepening, and continuous improvement can be consolidated. Because ERP software still needs to go through a certain period of "running in" during its operation, on the one hand, the people and management of the enterprise should adapt to the requirements of the software, on the other hand, some procedures of the software should adapt to the production and operation conditions of the enterprise, some secondary development and repair should be carried out, and the loading speed should also be changed when using the pressure testing machine. It is worth reminding that in the secondary development and modification of the software, we should not unilaterally emphasize that the software should adapt to reality, Using the method of "cutting feet to fit shoes" to erase the progressiveness of the software and accommodate the digital display hydraulic electronic universal experimental machine is the backward management of the latest developed products. Similarly, after obtaining the ISO9000 certificate, we are also facing the challenge of old ideas and habits, and those bad habits will be tenaciously displayed in the management work, which is what we said earlier, there will inevitably be repetition or "resurgence"

for the smooth implementation of ERP software and the continuous consolidation and deepening of ISO9000 standards after certification and acceptance, it is necessary to combine these two projects with basically consistent management procedures and basically consistent operation modes, restrict and support each other, and implement them in a supporting manner, which not only reasonably allocates time and resources, but also achieves the ideal effect of getting twice the result with half the effort. (end)

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