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How to implement green express packaging

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the core heat-resistant, pressure-resistant and chemical corrosion-resistant plastics, elastomers and composites created by DuPont can help the industry provide lighter power enhancement for smaller and more efficient engines. Technical tips: in 2016, the volume of express packaging in China grew very fast, including 20.7 billion express waybills and 3.1 billion braided belts, There are 8.268 billion plastic bags and 16.985 billion meters of adhesive tape. The packaging waste generated by express packages has reached the level of one million tons, but the recovery rate is less than 10%. Why is the pollution situation of express packaging still serious? How to implement green express packaging in the future? Zhu Lei, vice president of Qingdao Research Institute of Beijing Institute of printing, believes that green express packaging can be implemented in four aspects

[China Packaging News] in 2016, the volume of express packaging in China increased very fast, including 20.7 billion express waybills, 3.1 billion braided belts, 8.268 billion plastic bags, 16.985 billion meters of tape. The packaging waste generated by express packages reached the level of one million tons, but the recovery rate was less than 10%. Why is the pollution situation of express packaging still serious? How to implement green express packaging in the future

last year, the state post administration issued the implementation plan for promoting green packaging in the express industry, which proposed that the packaging in the express industry should achieve obvious results in terms of greening, reduction and recycling. However, in reality, due to the frequent violent sorting in the express industry, merchants generally adopt excessive packaging in order to reduce losses; The profit of recycling packaging by express delivery enterprises is meager, but the human and material resources needed to be invested are huge, and the cost is much higher than the cost of purchasing new packaging, so the recycling enthusiasm is not high, and the packaging waste is directly sent to the landfill; Recycling enterprises are not willing to recycle express packaging. Due to the limited value of express waste, items such as tape are difficult to reuse; Domestic consumers generally lack the knowledge and awareness of waste classification. Most express packaging waste is treated as domestic waste, which also makes recycling choose materials with low emission characteristics, which is only the first step to ensure the air quality in the car

in fact, express companies have actively used their brains to solve the problem of packaging pollution. According to the relevant person in charge of SF express, at present, SF Express has developed a document seal for secondary use to minimize the number of document seals in circulation, and also developed a carton without adhesive tape, which also includes anti-theft, easy tearing and other functions while reducing adhesive tape; SF is also gradually replacing ordinary woven bags with reusable canvas bags in the middle of the transition. At present, 29million woven bags can be saved every year. Shentong express has promoted reusable woven bags at various points, and the number of uses can reach more than 50 times. Qian Weihua, the head of Yuantong express, introduced that at present, Yuantong is actively promoting and establishing the concept of "green Yuantong" and enhancing the awareness of energy conservation and emission reduction of all employees. To this end, it has formulated a series of specific and feasible indicators, promoted the use of electronic noodles and woven bags for recycling, explored green packaging, and began to develop environmentally friendly packaging for cold chain logistics. Zhongtong has launched the packaging recycling action. Users can deduct the express delivery fee by using the express package twice when sending a piece. According to the size of the packaging box, users will be given a fee reduction of 2 to 5 yuan, which will promote users to use the packaging box many times

Zhu Lei, vice president of Qingdao Research Institute of Beijing Institute of printing and technology, believes that green express packaging can be implemented from four aspects:

first, implement the implementation plan of printing and distributing the extended producer system issued by the State Council, and actively implement the recycling system of packaging production. Producer the China Council for the promotion of international trade and the United Nations Industrial Development Organization extension system is an important system for the construction of ecological civilization formulated by China based on the experience of other developed countries in exploring the producer extension system in the field of some electrical and electronic products. Among them, packaging materials need to focus on the implementation of the producer extension system

second, guide express companies to join the leading action of circular development, promote the standardization of express packaging, and improve the recycling rate, Implement the requirements of "choosing the express industry as the starting point, carrying out the pilot of packaging standardization and classified recycling in the logistics industry, promoting the use of degradable tape, environmental protection fillers, renewable paper and packaging materials printed with environmental protection ink and other auxiliary materials, and encouraging enterprises to recycle packaging boxes and general contracting bags to improve the recycling efficiency" in the "leading action for circular development" recently released by the national development and Reform Commission, In particular, we should promote the standardization of express packaging for key recycled packaging items, such as packaging boxes and containerized general contracting

the third is to study and improve the statistical method of express green packaging. It can analyze the green efficiency and periodic evaluation of various types of green packaging, such as the introduction of green packaging identification and carbon emission accounting mechanism, and comprehensively evaluate the utilization rate of green packaging and the environmental friendliness of specific packaging materials

fourth, improve the technical content of the packaging industry, extend the service chain of express packaging, guide the transformation of the express packaging industry from traditional packaging manufacturers to overall packaging solution providers, and promote the close integration of the supply chain and upstream and downstream of the express packaging industry and the express industry, such as integrating the express industry with agriculture, manufacturing, medicine, food industry, providing fresh and cold chain packaging solutions, packaging traceability services, etc, Improve the added value, profit margin and recycling value of packaging materials

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