How to improve team work efficiency

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How to improve team work efficiency

before we want to improve work efficiency, we need to understand what efficiency is? For designers, "efficiency" is equal to the ratio of "project completion" digital display temperature value to "required time"

project completion degree: refers to the expected effect of the project

simply put, efficiency is how long it takes to complete a certain effect. Next, I will list common methods to improve efficiency

1. Optimize "time required"

this is the most common method, overtime. Almost all working periods are calculated in working days, and working hours are rarely used, which gave birth to this barbaric way. 8 hours a day is a working day. If you work overtime for 4 hours, you can squeeze out 2.5 more working days if you work overtime for 5 days a week. In some less formal enterprises, overtime often does not need to pay overtime wages. This method is simply the perfect efficiency spokesman in the eyes of the boss

disadvantages of this method:

1) overtime is not conducive to the health of employees

2) the probability of mistakes in fatigue work increases greatly

3) reduce the creativity of employees

2, "project completion" reduction

when overtime cannot solve the limitation of "required time", this is usually the second plan during the meeting with Elbegdorj. The "project completion degree" is directly proportional to the "time required". If the "project completion degree" is reduced, the "time required" naturally decreases

disadvantages of this method:

1) Jerry built in the early stage and mended in the later stage

2) small problems are not solved, which cumulatively become big problems

3) it reduces the user experience and affects the user's impression

two counter examples are given. Next, let's talk about the methods that can really improve the efficiency of showing too many or less wordls on this page according to the docld index

3. Optimize the "process"

in a team, there are multiple roles. In the process of negotiation and research needs, designers are often invisible. After many approvals, sorting, filtering, and transmission to designers, opinions have been beyond recognition. Repeated modifications and delays in the intermediate links have greatly affected the work efficiency of designers. Therefore, designers should be allowed to enter the project earlier. Like most small and medium-sized enterprises, designers can get first-hand opinions and give appropriate suggestions from the perspective of design

4. Optimize "workflow"

when a team adopts a serial workflow, the "time required" is equal to the sum of everyone's working time. If a parallel workflow can be adopted, the "time required" will be greatly reduced. How to implement parallel workflow? The typical way is "separation of structure and expression". The front-end designer, visual designer and programmer jointly establish the framework structure. The visual designer makes page renderings, the front-end designer constructs the HTML structure, and the programmer embeds the program in the HTML structure. When the Visual Designer completes the rendering, the front-end designer uses CSS style to control the page performance. Why not reduce the "time required" without incurring additional costs

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