How to improve public safety of the hottest UAV

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How to improve public safety by unmanned aerial vehicles

these unmanned aerial vehicles are stable in various scenes, with accurate flight and acquisition. Bernois guiyo of atlia, a French drone company, excitedly told how Chinese made drones shuttled through the fiery Notre Dame in Paris to collect data for rescue and reconstruction at a critical juncture

the French company used three Dajiang drones to take images of the vault and ground debris inside and outside the church in six days, and built a 3D model with tens of thousands of pictures to help investigators and architects understand the loss of this 850 year old building in the fire disaster before reconstruction

Andre fino, public relations director of Notre Dame de Paris, said: Seeing these drones hovering around the accident site quickly, I realized that they are not only gadgets for TV production, but also can be used to save Notre Dame de Paris and lives

this is one of the many industry stories shared by the partners and end users of Dajiang innovation, a Chinese UAV manufacturing enterprise, at the 2019 Dajiang innovation airworks conference held in Los Angeles from 24th to 26th. The meeting attended by about 700 industry participants reflected that the booming UAV economy is forming an ecosystem, in which Dajiang innovation can easily prepare different graphene nanocomposites, which is the most eye-catching. According to the data of the unmanned aerial vehicle research enterprise sky logic research company, nearly 80% of the unmanned aerial vehicles used in the United States and Canada come from Dajiang innovation

Philips, a thermal imaging camera manufacturer headquartered in Oregon, released the first multi gas detector based on Dajiang UAV at the conference, which can help rescue workers locate and confirm chemical gas hazards. Chris beint, director of global business development of Philips, said: Dajiang innovation provides the best technology at the most economical price, so we chose this popular UAV architecture

Microsoft, shell, Washington State Road police, Los Angeles Fire Department and other partners and users from Xinjiang also came to the conference site to show how they can change the operation mode of the industry with the help of UAV technology

Mario rebello, vice president of Dajiang innovation North America, told Xinhua that Dajiang UAV products provide added value, reduce enterprise costs, and are widely used in the field of public safety

however, the performance of Chinese enterprises in the UAV economy has attracted the attention of American regulators. Just last week, U.S. senators proposed a bill to prohibit U.S. government agencies from buying Chinese made UAV products. In May, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security issued a data security warning for the UAV made in China 1, which was adjusted according to the experimental needs. In response, Dajiang innovation company responded that unless the UAV operator takes the initiative to choose, Dajiang UAV will not share the user's flight records, photos or videos; Dajiang UAV will not automatically transmit flight data to China or anywhere

Rebelo said that a statement is not enough to clarify the wrong message. We should use our products to show customers that there are no potential safety hazards. We have cooperated with some federal agencies. They put forward needs, we put forward solutions, and then third parties intervene to review software and hardware

Rebelo believes that UAV is an emerging industry, and the relevant standards are not perfect. The government, manufacturers and users need to jointly establish a set of standards, but the customer quality is very low, but just because the origin is China, it is considered that the product is unsafe and forbidden to use, which is not feasible. Also (2) admixtures are not the direction of industry development, and competition should not be restricted according to the country of origin

source: Xinhua News Agency

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