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Yimi Yuntong: in the bank4.0 era, how can banks improve the marketing power of financial products

I believe many people have heard of the 28 rule. For example, 80% of social wealth is in the hands of 20% of people, and 80% of the market is monopolized by 20% of companies If so, applying this rule to the banking industry, it can be inferred that 80% of the bank's wealth management profits come from 20% of the wealth management customers, so the bank customer manager needs to focus on this 20% of the wealth management customers rather than blindly running around

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with the rapid development of AI, big data, cloud computing, 5g and other technology, the connection between banks and customers is no longer limited to bank points, but integrated into people's daily life, everywhere. In the era of bank4.0, if you want to seize the 20% financial product customers who are crucial to improving the profits of bank financial products, what you need is to maintain a clean and practical marketing solution to help banks improve the marketing power of financial customers. You must change the oil viscosity in time. This is what the managers of bank financial management department need to think about

ai intelligent voice helps to increase the number of high-quality financial customers

now, large state-owned banks carry out various money burning marketing activities in the hope of obtaining more financial customers and enhancing the stickiness of financial customers, so as to convert deposit customers into financial customers or loan customers. However, the number of customers obtained by bank account managers running around is limited, which is why many large state-owned banks choose to purchase AI intelligent voice robots to undertake bank lending, credit card promotion, financial product recommendation and other high-frequency, inefficient and high-pressure marketing work. With the help of AI intelligent voice robot, the number of high-quality financial customers can not only be significantly increased, but also help banks achieve the integration of marketing services

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E-meter Yuntong bank AI intelligent voice solution

as a professional intelligent voice platform service provider with self-developed AI +saas+ mobile Internet cutting-edge technology under the waiting test interface, E-meter Yuntong is an intelligent voice robot partner of many large state-owned banks, including cosmic bank and China Construction Bank. Its self-developed Mi AI intelligent voice robot has high intelligent ASR voice recognition Comprehensive NLP knowledge base and highly anthropomorphic TTS, and equipped with professional robot trainers for high-precision training and management, natural and smooth voice effect, to ensure the success rate of robot outbound calls, and a variety of voices to meet the needs of different bank outbound calls

financial product recommendation of application scenarios

taking the application scenario of financial product recommendation of banks as an example, MI Hua AI intelligent voice robot can explain financial products to customers in automatic outbound calls, guide customers to explain their needs through pre-set marketing scripts, support interruptions while ensuring that the dialogue is normal, analyze customer voice content in real time, and automatically mark and group customers. In case of any difficult problems during the call, the customer manager of the transfer bank is supported to follow up immediately, and the final sales results will be updated after the call

I believe that under such a man-machine working mode, the bank account manager who focuses on high intention financial customers can break the bottleneck and realize the transformation of efficient financial customers. In addition, the MI dialect AI intelligent voice robot can enable the intelligent outbound call to screen out the customers who are most likely to bring negative emotions for the bank account manager with the most professional ability and the most tolerant attitude, so as to improve the quality of customer service, Realize the integration of marketing service tape electronic stripping experimental machine

the original seamless man-machine integration technology, stable and realistic speech synthesis and accurate speech recognition, derived from the segmented industry corpus analysis of Yimi Yuntong's annual 5billion minute call reserve, nlp/knowledge map, and strong robot training and operation ability, are the basis and important factors for Yimi Yuntong to win the favor of the banking industry

in the bank4.0 era, bank financial products are ostensibly defined as smart banking services embedded in people's daily lives, but in fact, they are to achieve the integration of marketing services by creating a financial ecosystem, so that the sales business of bank financial products is more accurate, higher quality and more efficient. In this regard, the Mihua AI intelligent voice robot independently developed by Yimi Yuntong plays a good role in channel and brand promotion, Help the bank significantly reduce the cost of marketing manpower, intelligently target accurate customers, and easily complete marketing tasks

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