How to implement the most promising AI in the futu

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How can AI be expected in the future be implemented at present

the scientific and technological revolution and industrial revolution are in the ascendant, and artificial intelligence is booming all over the world, becoming a new outlet for scientific and technological innovation and technology to escape leakage and embarrass finance. The national government attaches great importance to the development of artificial intelligence and artificial intelligence. At present, it is in the field of a new generation of artificial intelligence. People realize that the dividend time is limited. How to grasp the current situation and break through the bottleneck is a problem being studied

experts believe that the current deep learning algorithm used by AI has made breakthroughs in perceptual intelligence, but its cognitive ability is limited, and the research on the function and structure of the system needs to be further improved. Computers need to have the ability to understand natural language, and carry out the research on the brain mechanism of AI, so that AI can manage observation, judgment, decision-making and action on the basis of perception

at present, AI is deeply integrated with traditional manufacturing, finance, service, video intelligent security and other industries, providing product quality detection, defect detection, counting recognition, item classification, financial quantitative trading, intelligent risk control, face recognition, cor, semantic understanding and other directional functions. Visual detection is generally applicable to positioning detection, industrial intelligent defect detection, size and position detection, etc, Positioning detection is to detect the position of the object through the algorithm, and detect whether the product should be cleaned to meet the standard production. If it is found that the parts do not meet the standard, or there are problems such as missing and repeated installation in the installation, that is, mark the position and send an alarm to notify the processing; Industrial intelligent defect detection is to locate and identify whether there are scratches and other defects on products through image preprocessing, that is, using high-definition industrial fine cameras to replace human eyes, save labor costs and improve quality control rate; The size and position detection is also similar. AI intelligent algorithm accurately detects whether the aperture size, size and position of industrial products are cheap, improves the inspection efficiency, avoids the risk of human error detection, and eliminates the secondary damage to the inspected items when they are manually touched

face recognition is to select non-toxic and harmless or low toxic and low harmful green environmental protection materials and components that are easy to disassemble and use, and recognize faces in complex scenes through comprehensive comparison of various algorithm modules. It can carry out authentication comparison, face control, face recognition, passenger flow statistics, face identity authentication, human recognition, dynamic verification, etc. Expression recognition is to separate specific expression states from a given static image or dynamic video sequence, so as to determine the psychological emotion of the recognized object and realize the understanding and recognition of facial expressions; Face recognition and verification is to judge whether it is consistent by comparing the similarity of face features. It is applicable to identity verification, smart access control, attendance system, etc. in the financial industry. For example, for the area of secret visits, the surveillance video image recognition processing, mobile face recognition, screening of criminal suspects and alarm processing; ID card identification is very simple, that is, identification includes key information such as name, gender, nationality, date of birth, address, ID number, which is used for independent service identity authentication such as finance, government affairs, registration platform, access control and attendance, reducing the time cost of users and manual entry, improving business efficiency, preventing business fraud, etc

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