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On the quality management of packaging and printing

fourth, the experience of packaging and printing quality management -- the voice of printing enterprises

it can be said that quality is the "lifeblood" of any printing enterprise, and quality management is a means to ensure that this "lifeblood" is unblocked. How to do a good job in quality management, prevent departments from dazzling each other, and it has entered the "wrangling" in the middle and late April to minimize customer complaints? How to mobilize the enthusiasm of quality management personnel? Let's listen to the quality management experience of Mr. Luo liansun, vice president of production (and quality director) of Qingdao Jiali color printing and packaging Co., Ltd., Mr. Liu Jiyang, head of quality inspection department (and management representative) of Chengcai Jiuxing printing and packaging Co., Ltd., and Mr. Wang Chengxin, production manager of Beijing Shuangyan trademark color printing Co., Ltd

we will number each carton product. If there is a quality problem and a customer complaint, we can find out who made this product and which machine made it according to the product number, and implement the system of people to people

-- Mr. Luo liansun, Qingdao Jiali

Qingdao Jiali's main business is flexographic printing corrugated boxes. According to Mr. Luo, in the process of quality management, maintaining color consistency is very important for corrugated box printing. Qingdao Jiali has encountered customer complaints before, because the printing colors of corrugated box products of different batches and the same variety are inconsistent. After investigation, the quality management personnel found that when printing different batches of corrugated boxes, the production personnel have been using the same sample sheet, and the ink on the surface of the sample sheet has been oxidized due to the passage of storage time, resulting in color changes, and the color difference between the previous and subsequent batches is very large. For this reason, when signing samples with customers, Qingdao Jiali will make 50 or 60 sample boxes for customers to sign samples together, and then leave a few for customers and some for themselves, and store the sample boxes in a special sample room away from light and moisture (wrapped with plastic film)

in order to achieve the same printing color of the same batch of products, the production personnel should change the sample box of the control at least once a month. And in each production and even the money spent may not be able to guarantee the safety of keeping some samples for the next production reference, so as to ensure the color consistency of different batches of printed matter

Mr. Luo believes that there are indeed some contradictions between quality management personnel and production personnel. Because for the production personnel, not only the printing quality, but also the production efficiency and delivery date should be considered. When there are many orders, the production speed will be increased and the quality will be reduced. In this case, quality managers need to have a better overall awareness. Quality requirements are important, but they also need to consider the problems in actual production. Similarly, production personnel should also understand the difficulties of quality management personnel. However, this mutual understanding is still difficult to avoid the occurrence of "wrangling" between departments, so the company will number each carton product. If customers complain about quality problems, they can find out who made the product and which machine made it according to the number, and implement the system of "people to people"

Qingdao Jiali has strictly followed the 1S09000 quality management system and formulated quality reward and punishment regulations in combination with the special requirements of customers, so as to be linked with the economy. However, Mr. Luo believes that the purpose of doing so is not to punish employees, but to exert a kind of pressure on them, a sense of constantly ensuring product quality

in order to prevent "wrangling", Qingdao Jiali also achieved the data-based management of product quality. Every day, the production personnel and quality management personnel are called to hold regular production meetings, and all quality management personnel are present to list the quality problems in the workshop that day, and make records: form data management. In addition, the quality management personnel of the company are drawn directly from the workshop. Generally, China Zhongwang, who has more than twoorthree years of production experience, has independently completed major production links from design and development, material supply to large component welding, and has a better understanding of products. Dealing with problems will convince all departments

Mr. Luo also told us a little experience. Because printing enterprises generally adopt the recording system, some employees only pay attention to the speed and ignore the product quality. Therefore, in the inspection process, the quality management department will specify the inspection time according to the production report, and let the quality management personnel focus on the inspection of product quality rather than the inspection quantity

from the perspective of the company, the quality inspector is not a "policeman", but a "nanny", a high-quality "nanny". If product quality, customer complaints and employee wages are tied together, quality inspectors can actively participate in production

-- Mr. Liu Jiyang, Jiuxing, Chengdu

Chengdu Jiuxing is a packaging and printing enterprise specializing in the production of folding cartons. It has implemented the ls09000 quality management system since 1997. It passed the certification in 1998 and has been implementing quality management and control according to the quality management system in combination with the actual production situation since then. During this period, the company has paid more and more attention to quality control and quality management, and has become more and more professional

for quality inspectors, some people think they are "policemen", but Mr. Liu has his unique opinion. He believes that from the perspective of the company, quality inspectors are not "policemen", but "nannies", and they are high-quality "nannies". By bundling product quality, customer complaints and employee wages, quality inspectors can actively participate in production, not waiting for inspection problems, but participate in production to find problems, so that quality inspectors can carry out quality inspection more deeply and take measures to make quality more stable, because from the perspective of the company, they are concerned about the results. Therefore, quality inspectors are not "policemen", but meticulous "nannies"

as a "nanny", quality inspectors are also meticulous about customers. After the customer complains, we should check and find the real reason. Mr. Liu gave us a vivid example. Once, when making drug packaging boxes, the quality of packaging boxes was unstable due to the small production quantity. Since the customer (pharmaceutical factory) has used the automatic packaging machine, the requirements for the drug packaging box are relatively high, but the drug packaging box can not adapt to the automatic packaging machine well, so the quality control personnel of Jiuxing directly went to the customer's drug production site to investigate, really found the crux of the drug packaging box can not adapt to the automatic packaging machine well, and made urgent action changes to the design and process of the packaging box by the State Administration of market supervision, It solves the problem that the drug packaging box cannot be on the automatic packaging line

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