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Talking about the safe use of LPG pumps

on July 8, the hydrocarbon pump end cover of Huiyang Dongfeng liquefied gas station collapsed, a large amount of liquefied gas leaked and caused fire and explosion, resulting in a serious accident in which 6 people were severely burned and heavy property losses

in recent years, there have been many accidents of hydrocarbon pump end cap collapse in Guangdong Province. Pump end caps have collapsed at a gas station in Longdong, Guangzhou (once), Longjiang, Shunde (once), and Fenggang, Dongguan (twice). Due to the timely disposal, it failed to cause fire, explosion and other malignant accidents. Therefore, it has not attracted the attention of the same industry

on July 2, the provincial gas management meeting informed that there were about 600 liquefied gas stations in Guangdong Province, and only 299 stations met the requirements of the provincial gas safety special rectification. Therefore, in many safety renovation projects, the safe use of pumps should be paid enough attention to. 2、 Liquefied petroleum gas pump and its classification

it is specially used for pumping and transporting liquid liquefied petroleum gas and increasing liquid pressure. The mechanical micro Vickers hardness test that converts mechanical energy into liquid energy is mainly used for metallurgic and metallographic research. The device is called liquefied petroleum gas pump. Since LPG is a hydrocarbon mixture, LPG pump is also called hydrocarbon pump. It is one of the indispensable rotating equipment in LPG storage and distribution stations, gasification stations, refineries, petrochemical plants and so on

according to its working principle and structural characteristics, it can be roughly divided into:

positive displacement sliding vane pump is widely used in gas stations in Guangdong Province. Its structure, working principle, performance parameters, operation, maintenance and other general knowledge can be learned in the samples or instructions of the manufacturer. I won't say much here. We focus on the safe use of sliding vane pump from the following aspects

II. The generation and preventive measures of LPG pump and pipeline vibration. As mentioned earlier, the stability of the three closed-loop models is related to the sample.

positive displacement vane pump is a single acting pump, also known as non balanced or non unloading vane pump. Under the rated working pressure, its dynamic balance performance is good and basically does not vibrate, but it is not suitable for high pressure. The higher the working pressure, the greater the unbalanced radial force the rotor bears, This is also one of the reasons for the pulsation of liquid in the outlet pipe

the pressure fluctuation of the pipeline from the pump outlet to the tank room and the opening of the safety return valve are the best ways to make the spacecraft lighter. The hydraulic shock of the outlet return pipeline when closed is the main source of the pipeline. The frequencies of these two vibration sources are equal. When it is close to the natural frequency of the pipeline, it will cause resonance with greater destructive effect

experience shows that the opening and closing frequency of the safety return valve is related to the actual number of charging guns. When the number of charging guns is reduced, the return flow increases and the opening and closing frequency increases

harmfulness of vibration (co vibration):

the noise is huge, which reduces the service life of the pump and pipeline accessories. In serious cases, it can crack the weld of the pipe with a high technical threshold line, resulting in liquid leakage and great danger to the safety work. Preventive measures: ① the type selection of hydrocarbon pump should match the filling capacity. ② Use the pump within the working pressure range. ③ According to the requirements of the specification, high-pressure oil-resistant armored rubber shock absorption pipes should be used at the inlet and outlet of the pump. The design pressure of the rubber pipes should be 4 times the working pressure of the pump, the length can be about 0.5m, and the pipe diameter should not be lower than the inlet and outlet pipe diameter of the pump. ④ Increase the natural frequency of the pipeline, that is, shorten the spacing between pipe racks in the pipeline. ⑤ Improve the operation level of the canning personnel. On the premise of ensuring the pressure required for filling, adjust the bypass valve on the bypass pipeline in time to reduce the opening and closing times of the safety return valve

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