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Three precautions for glasses enterprises to participate in exhibitions abroad

what is the effect of going out to participate in exhibitions for glasses enterprises at present? The second is whether a specific exhibition is valuable, or which exhibitions may be valuable to you? The third is how your enterprise can make good use of the value of relevant exhibitions. First of all, we should see whether it is valuable to go out and participate in the exhibition. This is certain. Generally, as long as the exhibition you choose has a certain history, is targeted at the glasses industry, and has the function of international trade expansion, it will have a certain effect, mainly to meet some foreign guests, and many guests in Europe and the United States are also used to looking for suppliers through exhibitions (the effect of exhibitions in Japan may be worse, because of the habits of guests)

in fact, many leading eyewear enterprises participate in several internationally renowned professional exhibitions every year. On the one hand, they meet new guests, and on the other hand, they also take the opportunity to investigate the market, visit old customers, collect industry development information, and cultivate new people. It is very necessary for glasses enterprises that attach importance to export to select at least foreign exhibitions to develop the market according to your key development market in that year. We say please come in and go out. Going out includes glasses products going out, followed by people going out, followed by glasses brands going out, investment going out and brands falling down. The second is to see whether some exhibitions are valuable. We generally judge it from the following four aspects. First, whether the market radiated by this exhibition is your key market or whether your customers are very rich in this market

if it is not only a key market, but also has great potential, then such an exhibition is more valuable. Secondly, look at the history of this exhibition. If it has been held for more than 10 years, it will be more valuable if it has passed the test of the market. Looking at the organizers again, if the history of the exhibition is not long, the experience and resources of the organizers are very important. The organizer should have more than 10 years of experience in the glasses industry, which can improve the attraction of the exhibition to guests. Finally, let's see who participated in the exhibition in previous years, and whether there are some famous glasses enterprises in the same industry who have participated in it for at least three years. Excellent glasses enterprises in good exhibitions will compete to participate

finally, how to achieve better results when you participate in the exhibition. Here are five practical skills for you. The first is to sign up in advance and choose a good booth. There are some domestic glasses enterprises participating in the exhibition with groups, and they often have no way to choose a good booth. In fact, if you contact the organizer in advance, you can get a booth with better parameters such as measuring speed, acceleration, vibration, etc. A good booth has a great influence on the effect of the exhibition. Secondly, you need to do a certain step design of the exhibition output signal set according to the degree, break through the practice of standard booth standard configuration of Chinese glasses exporters, and make some ideas to attract guests, and improve your image in the eyes of guests, especially those who know you abroad. Some of them will not visit your factory for a short time and then allocate the cost according to the performer of the event, The impression of the booth is very important. In my own words, glasses companies that don't pay attention to image don't know business

next is your glasses products. The samples of glasses products should be selected for the guests targeted by this exhibition. At the same time, it is better to have some new designs to attract the attention of guests. Of course, the placement of glasses products should also be well arranged, and some backgrounds or decorations are also good. You must remember that the guests noticed that you came in because of glasses products. The fourth skill is to use sufficient materials and skilled explanations to show the professionalism of the glasses company. You can show your professionalism by using influential posters, beautifully designed and printed company manuals, high-grade glasses product packaging, and multimedia CDs containing company introductions and product materials. Of course, product explanations and demonstrations are more important, because professional guests will not be happy to deal with a salesperson who does not understand glasses products and markets

the last and even the most important skill is to identify guests and understand their needs through observation and questioning. You will encounter guests who can only be contacted for a short time at the exhibition, but you must use face-to-face communication to identify the guests with needs and potential as soon as possible. For example, judge the professionalism of guests through business cards, questions raised by guests, and guests' attention. Understand the needs of the guests by asking whether they have purchased from China, the business scale of the guests, the current purchasing problems of the guests, and the guests' views on our glasses products, which is the basis of tracking after going back

of course, there are other skills, such as how to track and negotiate after going back. However, the exhibition site is a critical moment when you have no second chance to make up for it, so mastering methods, being fully prepared and going all out are the only way for our glasses enterprises to achieve better exhibition results

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