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Talking about the security monitoring system of intelligent building

Abstract: This paper expounds the function, composition and actual flowers of the security system of intelligent building in detail, and puts forward the problems that should be paid attention to in the design and type selection

key words: intelligent building security monitoring security monitoring system integration talking about intelligent building security monitoring system 1 concept of intelligent building security monitoring system

1.1 role of security monitoring system

with the promotion of China's reform and opening up, a batch of intelligent buildings that meet the needs of the information society and have the characteristics of safety, efficiency, comfort, convenience and flexibility have sprung up. In order to prevent the occurrence and harm of all kinds of theft and violence, and ensure the safety of the building, life and property are not damaged, the setting of intelligent security system is necessary. With the development of science and technology, new criminal means have also put forward new requirements for the security system. In the information age, the protection of money, property and personal safety is on the one hand, but the protection of a large number of important documents and data stored in the computer is more necessary. In an intelligent building, we should not only guard against external personnel, but also strengthen the management of internal personnel; Special protection is also needed for some important places, objects, and important people. Therefore, for modern buildings, it is necessary to set up a multi-level and three-dimensional security system. 1.2 level of security monitoring system 1.2.1 determine the protection level (1) the summary of the relevant specification "safety and protection engineering procedures and requirements 304 fiber felt requirements" ga/is posted in the query subsystem t75-94

general graphical symbols for safety and protection system GA/74-94

engineering technical specifications for civil closed circuit surveillance television system gb5. The maximum sliding friction force is based on the above specifications, Combined with the risk status of safety precautions and the actual situation of the project, so as to comprehensively determine the protection level achieved by the safety system. (2) Type of safety technical protection system perimeter alarm system

the warning system of the outer wall of the building composed of glass breaking alarm devices

TV monitoring system (image review system)

intrusion detection and alarm system

audio monitoring system (sound review system)

strong light lighting system; (3) Security protection level and main configuration (divided by four levels) A. the doors and windows of the business place (referring to the bank) of the four level protection security protection system should be equipped with switch type alarm devices (such as door magnetic switches)

set manual or pedal emergency alarm device and linkage alarm bell

the alarm signal should be sent to the security duty room and the nearby public security organ. B. The three-level protection security system is the same as the four-level protection system

set space three-dimensional prevention system: set space (indoor and corridor) intrusion detectors

the central control equipment has the function of monitoring and rechecking (recording), recording the time and time of the alarm

set up TV monitoring

alarm system and public security alarm liaison for the business room and main channel. C. The secondary protection security system is the same as the tertiary protection system

TV monitoring equipment has automatic and manual switching functions and multi screen display function

for business places that implement the teller system, one-to-one video cameras should be set up

password control: a specially assigned person operates the start and stop, deployment, removal, bypass, reset, etc. of the alarm system

the control center equipment has wired, wireless and mutual conversion functions to ensure that the alarm signal is accurate and sent to the relevant alarm departments

qualified business places are equipped with population control systems. On the one hand, exchange academic and technical information and implement information card access (access control system). D. The detectors selected for the primary protection security system shall have intrusion detection systems composed of two or more different detection technologies

long term video recording of business premises. In case of emergencies, lighting, recording and video recording shall be automatically started; System)

set up the access control system, and manage the personnel in the main zones by grading and grading through the information card

the central control room should be able to immediately identify the location, nature (robbery, theft, fire, fault, etc.) while receiving the alarm signal, and display, print, record and store the alarm time, location, nature and disposal plan on the screen

the rest are the same as the secondary prevention system. 1.2.2 level of security monitoring system

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