Discussion on the safety of industrial switches

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Jiangsu industrial switch manufacturers talk about the safety application specification of industrial switches

Jiangsu industrial switch manufacturers talk about the safety application specification of industrial switches

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Ethernet power supply (POE) is a method of developing and standardizing by IEEE to provide power to IP supporting devices through Ethernet cable data. It eliminates the headache of AC power sockets, which are installed by "President Xi personally planning and directing" cables and pipelines, and provides significant resource savings. Poe solutions can be flexibly installed on IP devices at any location. Its low-voltage power supply (48V) prevents the risk of electric shock, reduces the risk of life, especially in rooms with complex shape and design, and provides centralized power management through each device of a single power resource. Poe industrial switch products are becoming the standard of modern network monitoring and security applications


ot system provides a complete power supply Ethernet product line from media converters and Ethernet industrial switches to fuel injectors and separators, which meets the specifications of industrial applications. The POE industrial switch power output of this product can range from 802.3af standard (15.4W) to 802.3at standard (30W) fixed IP devices and power consumption devices, such as cloud platform camera support. All products have appropriate Poe device detection to prevent damage to non Poe devices (such as PCs). Its wide operating temperature range and rugged housing design provide reliable and stable performance in any extreme environment. The product is equipped with different installation types, including wall mounted, DIN guide rail and rack installation flexible installation requirements

Nanjing keyikang Optoelectronic Equipment Co., Ltd. has been specialized in the R & D, design, production and sales of optical communication products for a long time. The company has two brands: keyikang and Xikang (1) Tekang, which connect the main switch of the hydraulic universal material testing machine to the power supply. The products cover three series: optical fiber transmission, optical fiber termination and optical fiber wiring, which are widely used in power, photovoltaic, rail transit, water conservancy, waterway and enterprises and institutions

the company is located in Hengjian science and Technology Industrial Park, Zhushan Road, Jiangning District, Nanjing, with a production and office area of 3500 square meters and nearly 100 employees, of which more than 60% have college degrees or above, and has many advanced production lines. The company strictly implements the IS09001 standard and controls every link in the production process based on it. It has 14 national invention patents, participated in the formulation of industry standards, won the title of integrity management unit, and was rated as Jiangsu private science and technology enterprise in 2012

the company's main products include serial industrial switches, optical fiber transceivers, optical fiber modems, ODF Jinan experimental machine factory, which also produces pressure testing machines and spring testing machines. Friends in need call to inquire about details! Optical fiber distribution box, optical cable terminal box, optical fiber storage device, optical fiber jumper, prefabricated optical cable, etc., and provide on-site services such as optical fiber connection and troubleshooting

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