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Discussion on the safety management of automobile gas stations -- we must strictly implement the national specification (2)

1 the classification and location of gas stations

according to the provisions of the code for the design of small oil depots and automobile gas stations (GB), the classification of gas stations is divided into class I, class II and class III according to the storage capacity of oil tanks in gas stations. The location of a gas station must meet the requirements of urban planning, environmental protection and fire safety, and should be located in a place with convenient transportation; If you choose an intersection in the urban area, it should not affect the traffic energy of the intersection. Only you have a certain understanding of it

2 layout of gas stations

the distance between the fuel dispenser and oil tank of different levels of gas stations and the place of open fire and sparks, buildings, structures, traffic lines, power and communication lines must meet the requirements of the specification. If there are doors (Windows) on the side of civil and other buildings near the gas station, and there are non explosion-proof electrical appliances in the room, the building can be regarded as "the place of open fire and sparks". Each local city can evaluate the heat sealing strength of packaging bag film 1 with a fixed sealing position of more than 100000 times according to the city regulations and the poor product quality requirements of fire safety, and control the grade of gas stations in the city accordingly

3 general layout

the inlet and outlet of the gas station should be set separately, and the slope should not be greater than 6%; Arrange the distance between oil tanks, fuel dispensers, buildings and structures in the gas station in strict accordance with the specification requirements; The width of single lane and double lane in the parking lot of the gas station shall not be less than 3.5m and 6.5m respectively; 1、 On the side adjacent to the building of the secondary gas station, a solid non combustible enclosure with a height of not less than 2.2m shall be built, and on the side facing the inlet and outlet roads, a solid non combustible enclosure shall be built

Luo Huibin (Wuhan Petrochemical plant, Hubei)

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