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red net time, May 4 (reporter xiaofengzi intern reporter Chen Dayuan) recently, a number of netizens in Changsha left a message to Hu Henghua, member of the Standing Committee of the Hunan provincial Party committee and Secretary of the Changsha Municipal Party committee, in the column of "politics in Hunan" on Red Net, reflecting that Changsha did not give specific details about promoting the full decoration and construction of new commercial residential buildings

netizens said, "as early as last May, Wuhan took the lead in issuing regulations to regulate the decoration and sales of fully decorated houses.". Netizens hope that Changsha can also clarify the price standard of fully decorated houses to safeguard the legitimate interests of the people

after the message was sent, it was assigned by the Information Office of the general office of the Changsha Municipal Party committee. On May 2, Changsha Municipal Commission of housing and urban rural development and Changsha Development and Reform Commission publicly responded to netizens

responded that Changsha issued the full decoration document to respond to the national green building development needs and meet the government work requirements. The policy has been basically mature at home and abroad, and many cities such as Shanghai and Hangzhou require large-scale implementation. At present, Changsha Municipal Commission of housing and urban rural development, Changsha Municipal Development and Reform Commission and other relevant departments are paying close attention to formulating the implementation rules. As they strive to formulate them scientifically, they are currently in the process of soliciting opinions and revising and improving them in multiple rounds

the response also said that the detailed rules for the implementation of fully decorated houses in Changsha will regulate the decoration behavior, bring the decoration into the scope of project quality supervision, carry out completion acceptance and delivery acceptance, and implement the substantial warranty system according to the national requirements to ensure the actual interests of the people; We will strengthen the supervision and management of third-party cost consulting institutions, prevent development enterprises and cost consulting institutions from "collusion", and strive to control the decoration price within a reasonable range. At present, the detailed rules are being further improved, and the subsequent documents will be issued according to the procedures (the specific contents need to be subject to the document release)





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