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At present, there are more and more small and medium-sized brands in the door and window industry, and the promotion competition between companies has become particularly intense. In this case, the unique promotion method can help the company quickly open brand awareness and shopping malls to a great extent. However, it is not easy to achieve real promotion and innovation. With the increasingly rational consumers, "thinking" may become a major selling point of door and window market promotion

"selling thinking" is the best choice

there is no doubt that the competition between door and window companies is not only a competition of brands and commodities, but also a competition of promotion methods. As the saying goes, primary companies sell goods, mid tier companies sell services, and high-end companies sell ideas. Obviously, the promotion concept of most companies in many occupations only stays at the primary and intermediate levels, and so does the door and window profession. In the trend of increasingly detailed collective spending, door and window companies may not be exquisite, and the strategic "selling thinking" is the best choice

good goods and services are indispensable.

for a door and window company, selling goods is the ultimate goal. Selling services can increase the sales of goods, improve brand awareness, and sell thinking. This is the strategic policy and center of the overall situation of the company. If the door and window company wants to improve the promotion level of the team, it needs to complete the brand premium through selling services and establish an outstanding brand image in the eyes of policy consumers. Although the central commodities are quite different, service can compensate for the lack of central commodities

create unusual promotion selling points

under the background that the door and window market is still facing the question of homogenization, door and window companies need to recognize that no company's products can surpass their rivals in an all-round way, and they can only have their own strengths. As a mall promoter, it is the most important to plan to exceed in some aspects according to the needs of policy customers. Once consumers agree with this concept, they also agree with the company's goods. In this case, what the salesperson sells is a kind of thinking, which is the consistent "selling point" summarized by the mall promotion personnel. Therefore, door and window companies want to rise to the position of selling thinking

it is undeniable that there are many kinds of marketing methods for doors and windows, but the methods that can really bring tangible results to the company trust the major door and window companies to know. With the change of consumers' spending ideas and needs, door and window companies may become a big future for mall promotion




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