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The so-called "apricot blossoms spring rain Jiangnan", march always brings people a misty atmosphere. In such a warm spring season, it is a good time for home decoration

the so-called "apricot blossoms spring rain in the south of the Yangtze River", march always brings people a misty atmosphere. In such a warm spring season, it is a good time for home decoration. In particular, the prospective married people who have ended their long-distance love run are actively engaged in the decoration of the love nest. The launch of Yulan wallpaper 2014 provides several warm spring clothes for the romantic love nest

the new Magnolia wallpaper "whispers of flowers and dew" brings spring into our home. The flowers in the house let us enjoy the pleasure of spring when we get started. The light colors pursue a spiritual realm of elegance, elegance and elegance. All kinds of flowers and plants enrich our vision and lead us to our reverie of spring. Bright colors bring a pleasant visual experience, and also integrate into the vitality of this season. Overlapping and complicated patterns are easy to give people a unique sense of nostalgia, but when combined with simple but varied geometric shapes, it immediately presents a modern, new and avant-garde modern atmosphere. The new large geometry style wallpaper makes the small fresh. With wavy lines and elegant colors, the whole room is filled with a faint natural atmosphere, as if the air from nature is fresh and comfortable

if you like petty bourgeoisie, you can try the new "master craftsman" series, with rolling lines, fine textures, comfortable textures, romance wrapped in the love nest, luxury, warmth, atmosphere, luxury, fresh and thick. Like a woman standing by the door, although sweet, she has her unique proud temperament, which makes people fall in love at first sight

choose fashion, choose environmental protection, and choose beauty. Magnolia wallpaper is looking for the most beautiful color in spring with you





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