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Casaro decoration strategy to help you live in a new home during the new year

it is reported that the independent exhibition hall of Casaro, a new high-end ceramic tile product of osheno, has opened in Foshan, Chengdu and Kunming. Since the launch of Casaro in August, with its excellent design and high-level technology, Casaro has gained a lot of good reputation. The opening of the Casaro independent fashion exhibition hall undoubtedly further meets the needs of the majority of home decoration consumers to understand the products, and makes the charm of Casaro wonderful interpretation. Now follow the steps of Xiaobian to see the charm of Casaro live space

(Caesar's light bar)

floor: scs21490ie Caesar (brown)

background wall: scm712de nine dragon wall (brown)

wall tiles: scs01190de Ella (white)

this bar called Caesar's light, the main wall and floor use Ella (white) and Caesar (brown). This decoration style is fresh and natural, relaxed and casual. Grayish white is the main color tone. Besides simplicity, it makes people feel very comfortable at a glance. In addition, the practical wooden book shelf and the stone bar, which uses the nine dragon wall (brown) as the background wall, make people feel very comfortable

(mysterious and magnificent living room)

floor: scs11190de Caesar (gray)

background wall 1:scm712de dragon wall (brown)

background wall 2: karakata sky00190s fish belly white

wall tiles: scs71190de belo (brown)

turn left at the bar to enter this "mysterious and magnificent" living room. The background wall also uses the nine dragon wall (brown), but in the living room, the area is larger and the momentum is more magnificent. The floor tiles are Caesar (gray), matched with broken flower lines, and then the wall tiles are belo (brown). The whole pattern is well-organized, which looks very bright and warm under the light

(smart youth living room)

background wall: scm712de nine dragon wall (brown)

wall tiles: scm112de Qingquan agate

floor tiles: scm114de nine dragon wall (gray)

this space, which is also the living room, is called "smart youth". The background wall is the magnificent nine dragon wall (brown), while the floor tile is the nine dragon wall (gray), and the wall tile is Qingquan agate. The whole tone of the living room looks gray, but it doesn't give people a depressing but wise feeling. Coupled with simple and trendy furniture, it is no longer only suitable for mature and stable friends to live. This feeling of returning to nature does not live up to the four words "smart youth"


wall tiles: scs21490ie Caesar (brown)

floor tiles: scj20190ie oriental charm

this porch space is permeated with fresh and natural Chinese style. The wall is matched with Caesar (brown) and auspicious cloud totem parquet, a kind of light ink and freehand brushwork of literati and refined scholars

of course, there are more than the above spaces in the multi place Casaro Fashion Museum, More casaros welcome to the following exhibition halls for appreciation:

Foshan: osheno ceramics company, Fanhu Development Zone, Leping Town, Sanshui District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province

Chengdu: a248, floor 2, hall 2, Fusenmei home furnishing, South Gate, No. 99, Duhui Road, high tech District, Chengdu City

Yunnan: No. 1-4, building 25, ceramic zone B, Dashanghui International Building Materials City, Xishan District, Kunming City, Yunnan Province

you can click the following link to enter the 720 ° Casaro panoramic space, with a mediastinum of thousands of miles, You can also visit the scene in person

Casaro 720 ° panoramic fashion Hall:




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