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Glass brick is a high-end decorative material, which was first used in public construction (such as the water cube national swimming pool, the United Nations Pavilion of the WorldExpo, Shanghai Oriental Sports Center and other well-known projects). Now glass brick, like a strong spring breeze, has been extended to home decoration. It is very beneficial for us to understand the specifications and sizes of glass brick. Let's introduce the latest specifications and sizes of glass brick to you

1. What are the types of glass bricks

1. Glass facing bricks: this kind of brick looks somewhat similar to amber, or simply like a sandwich. Take two transparent glass materials as bread slices, and various materials can be sandwiched between them, whether stones or gold bars, which can be decided by the designer himself. This is a decorative and free decorative material, but it is not often used in the lives of ordinary consumers, and it is mainly suitable for places of entertainment

2. Glass mosaic: when it comes to glass mosaic, many people may not understand it, but in other words, many consumers can understand it: glass mosaic or mosaic brick. This kind of brick has a great advantage, that is, its back is not a smooth layer, but slightly concave, and there is a certain angle around it. Such a design is conducive to its better combination with the foundation and is not easy to fall off. Generally, this kind of brick is mainly used for floor and wall decoration

3. Solid glass brick: although it is called solid glass brick, it is not a glass brick pressed into a solid square. It is also formed by the combination of two bricks, and the middle of these two bricks is usually effectively sunken. This kind of brick is relatively heavy, so it needs some supports or lean against the wall for decoration. Therefore, this kind of brick is not used in ordinary families, and it is common in entertainment places such as KTV

4. Glass floor tiles: in short, glass floor tiles are actually vitrified bricks, belonging to the category of full-length bricks. This kind of brick is common in decoration

5. Hollow glass brick: if there is solid glass brick, there is hollow glass brick. Hollow glass brick is more common than solid glass brick. Its heat insulation and sound insulation effect is very good, and because it is made of glass, its light transmittance is also very good. The design, style and shape of this kind of brick can be designed according to the place of use

6. Recyclable glass brick: as the name suggests, this is a recyclable glass brick, which is a product that achieves environmental protection and waste utilization. It is usually made by hand, and has a very wide range of applications. It can be used in both bathrooms and stairs, and is very durable. It has special advantages in similar products

II. Size specifications of glass bricks

there are many sizes and specifications of glass bricks, mainly including the following specifications: 115 * 115 * 70, 115 * 115 * 80, 145 * 145 * 80, 190 * 190 * 80, 190 * 90 * 80, 190 * 190 * 95, 197 * 197 * 97, 240 * 240 * 80, 300 * 300 * 100, 330 * 330 * 100, 500 * 500 * 100. Among them, the common specifications are 190 * 100.190 * 80mm, the specification of small brick is 145 * 145 * 80mm, and the specification of thick brick is 190 * 190 * 95mm 145 * 145 * 95mm, special brick specifications are 240 * 240 * 80mm, 190 * 90 * 80mm, etc

III. key points of glass brick partition wall construction

1. Glass bricks should be built on the basis of two F6 ~ F8 reinforcement. The height of the foundation shall not be greater than 150mm, and the width shall be greater than the thickness of the glass brick by more than 20mm

2. Metal profiles shall be applied at the top and both ends of the glass brick partition wall, and the slot width shall be greater than the brick thickness by more than 10 ~ 18mm

3. When the length or height of the partition is greater than 1500mm, set a steel bar every two layers in the vertical direction (when the length and height are more than 1500mm, set two steel bars); Set a steel bar every three vertical joints in the horizontal direction. The extension of reinforcement into the notch shall not be less than 35mm. The partition height of glass bricks reinforced with steel bars shall not exceed 4m

4. Sliding joints with a width of not less than 4mm shall be reserved at both ends of the glass partition wall and the two wings of the metal profile, and the joints shall be filled with linoleum; An expansion joint with a width of not less than 10mm shall be left on the underside of the glass partition board and the profile to avoid damage to the glass brick partition wall

5. The top layer of glass bricks should extend 10 ~ 25mm into the notch of the top metal profile to prevent the glass bricks from being crushed by rigid extrusion

6. The joint between glass bricks shall not be less than 10mm and not more than 30mm

7. The joint of glass brick and profile, profile and building shall be sealed with elastic sealant

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