How to choose anticorrosive coating

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With the development of coating products towards high solids and solventless, and with the development and application of high-tech coating products, the selection of appropriate anti-corrosion coatings can reduce the coating cost, improve the coating life, and greatly save the investment cost of anti-corrosion treatment

with the development of coating products towards high solids and solventless, and with the development and application of high-tech coating products, selecting appropriate anti-corrosion coatings can reduce the coating cost and improve the coating life, thus greatly saving the investment cost of anti-corrosion treatment

1. Reduce coating cost:

coating cost includes coating cost, brushing cost and pretreatment cost

when considering the comparison of coating costs, the unit price of coating is only an intuitive factor affecting the cost of coating, and the solid content (volume) is the real price of coating. Solid volume refers to the volume fraction of the film-forming material that can be solidified in the solvent-based coating. The higher the solid volume, the wider the coating area of the same film thickness, which is in direct proportion to each other. The formula can be used to calculate:

theoretical coverage area m2/l= [solid volume (vs%) x 10]/[dry film thickness]( μ m) ]

note: the solid content is based on the weight as the ratio, and the weight solid content should be converted into solid volume during calculation

the solid content of paint is high, and the unit coating rate is high, which can relatively reduce the amount of paint used; The film thickness of one pass construction can reduce the construction pass and painting cost, save the recoating interval and improve the work efficiency

among the coating costs, pretreatment costs account for the largest proportion. Conventional anti-corrosion coatings and heavy-duty anti-corrosion coatings are used. Due to strict surface treatment, the pretreatment cost is greater than the sum of coating cost and painting cost, accounting for more than 60% of the coating cost. Therefore, choosing high-performance anti-corrosion coatings with low surface treatment (rust and wet coating) can greatly save the pretreatment cost because it only needs manual rust removal or simple surface treatment reaching st2-st3 level, It is the main factor to reduce the coating cost

2. Improve the coating life

the coating life is an important factor affecting the anti-corrosion cost. For conventional coatings or heavy-duty anti-corrosion coatings requiring strict surface treatment, in the actual use process, due to the limitations of the structure of equipment components or construction environmental conditions, it is inconvenient or careless to remove rust by sand blasting, which will leave hidden dangers of corrosion; Or due to the change of climate and humidity, there is imperceptible condensation or rust on the surface of the substrate, and the corrosion cycle will soon occur after coating. The pretreatment cannot meet the standard, which seriously affects the service life of the coating film. There are countless large and small anti-corrosion projects that need to spend hundreds of thousands to millions of yuan for maintenance every year. Many production enterprises also need to stop production for maintenance, resulting in associated economic losses. Therefore, the direct and indirect anti-corrosion costs paid in the whole life of equipment components are very expensive

with the development and successful application of high-performance anti-corrosion coatings that can be coated with rust and moisture, the products effectively solve the problem of rust caused by residual rust or re rust, and effectively solve the problem of internal corrosion caused by water on the coating under various environmental conditions, making the anti-corrosion construction under various environmental conditions simple and easy, easy to ensure the construction quality, and ensure the long-term anti-corrosion life of the film. Compared with annual maintenance, it can save huge anti-corrosion treatment costs and avoid the associated economic losses caused by maintenance and shutdown, and the impact on enterprise benefits is very significant




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