Fuzhou bird electric car store savage decoration,

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Yesterday morning, Mr. Liu, who lives in Qiaonan, Cangshan District, Fuzhou, found that there were many broken bricks piled along the North Street of the bus station, and the air was full of dust. A sign on the street reads “ Bird electric car ” The store in is being decorated with broken walls, and the workers throw the decoration garbage directly from the second floor

the streets are full of construction waste, and the air is filled with dust, so citizens have to detour.

at 9:00 yesterday morning, when the reporter arrived, threeorfour workers were still working on the second floor. One worker was beating the wall of the window with a hammer, and the other worker threw the broken bricks from the second floor window with a shovel. The sidewalk more than 10 meters along the street was covered with decoration garbage, and the air was filled with a mass of dust. When passers-by pass here, they can only detour to the non motorized lane and cover their noses to trot through

“ It's easy for them to throw decoration garbage from upstairs in this way, but how can passers-by live with such a large amount of dust? I didn't see the employer of the workers, and I didn't know who to talk to& rdquo; Mr. Liu said

later, the reporter found the woman in charge of the store. She said that what was being renovated was indeed “ Bird electric car ” The first floor of the store is selling cars, and the second floor is going to be transformed into a display area. The workers did not pay attention to civilized construction when decorating

then, the person in charge immediately stopped the construction, sprayed water on the air and sidewalks to reduce dust, and asked workers not to throw decoration garbage directly from the second floor. (Reporter Lin Xinrong/Wen guanmingrong/picture)





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