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When we decorate, we will choose a suitable wardrobe for the bedroom, which can help us store clothes and make the room appear cleaner. Before choosing to buy a wardrobe, we need to know about the 2018 wardrobe brand ranking list, so that we can better make appropriate choices. What about the 2018 wardrobe brand ranking? Now let's learn about it with Xiaobian

2018 wardrobe brand ranking

1 Shangpin home accessories. This is a customized brand of furniture for the whole house, including wardrobe customization. It has a high cost performance ratio. At the same time, it can also provide consumers with supporting soft clothing lower than the market price, such as sofa, Simmons, etc

2. Margo's wardrobe. The brand was founded in 2004. It is a wardrobe brand in Guangdong. Because its elegant design can show the elegant taste of the owner, it is favored by many white-collar workers. It is an enterprise integrating professional planning, production, sale and service of customized furniture, and has won many national honors. Their chairman is also the vice chairman of the wardrobe special committee of Guangdong Federation of industry and commerce, and their influence in the country cannot be underestimated

3. Hospitality. It is a brand in Guangdong and has branches in many cities across the country. Both the style and color of the wardrobe are independently developed by the company, which has a leading position in the industry

4. Weiyi customization. Founded in 2004, the brand is a furniture enterprise integrating production, design and production. The wardrobe customization of this brand has strict data specifications. Its cabinets are made of 18mm thick materials, and the door panels are made of 5mm glass or 16mm materials. It is a demonstration brand of customized wardrobe in China

5. Sophia. The brand has a certain share in the market, and its products and design are deeply loved by consumers. It is the gold medal enterprise of customized wardrobe profession in China

in addition, in the wardrobe brand ranking, there are brands such as opal, Addis, novija, Deville, vatini, Adan, corani and Klaus, which are worthy of our purchase

purchasing skills of wardrobe

1 Look at the plate. When we buy, we can look at the test report and some relevant inspection certificates of the plates used, and whether the plates meet the environmental protection standards and national standards

2. Look at the surface. Whether it is solid wood or composite material, we can see whether its surface is smooth and flat, whether its texture is clear, whether there are cracks, burrs and so on. The brands listed above in the wardrobe brand ranking list attach great importance to the handling of details

3. Smell. The wardrobe with qualified quality and environmental protection has no pungent smell, while the wardrobe produced by some low-quality panel workshops often uses a lot of water. Most of these glues contain harmful substances such as benzene and formaldehyde, which seriously exceed the standard, forming a potential threat to human health

4. Look at the edge banding of the plate. Big brand regular manufacturers use precision large-scale machines, which use precision cutting plates to cut plates, which can protect the surrounding corners and effectively prevent moisture in the air from invading the interior of the plates. Some manufacturers have no professional equipment, and the cutting is rough. They only seal the edges of the plates that can be seen in front of them. The non edge sealing surface is easy to absorb moisture in the air, which will lead to the deformation of the wardrobe and affect the service life

Xiaobian's words: in general, the brand of wardrobe is important, but more importantly, we should master the correct purchase method, so as to buy a good wardrobe. The above is the relevant knowledge of the wardrobe brand ranking list that Xiaobian explained to you. I hope I can give you some reference! For more relevant content, you can pay attention to information, and more wonderful content will be presented in the future





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